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but those who hope in the LORD
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they will run and not grow weary,
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-Isaiah 40:31

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Friday, March 04, 2005 8:41 PM

i'm pissed. fcuk lah. why does she always think she's right? Every time will say "Would you please listen me just this once and do it?" when she gets irritated with me...

What crap! Of course i listen to her. If i didn't, i wouldn't be able to get on with life. but why does she hold that against me? Printer got jammed the previous night, didn't know what was wrong with it, wanted to call someone else but she came (i thank her for that), she tried to fix it, i tried to fix it, then she grumbled that it was too dark for her to do anything so she pulled the printer out, then i saw the problem and fixed it, then i turned off the printer, and she started saying with irritation to stop being impatient, said that i was suppose to do something else before the printer would start working again, then scolded me for being so fcukin impatient. wth! i wasn't impatient, i didn't fcukin know that i had to do that for the printer to work. i thought turn off and on, damn it. go downstairs you complain to dad, stayin upstairs i complain to kor. wads the fcukin point?

nxt day you tell me why did i get angry wif you. why shouldn't i. accuse me of being impatient then doing the wrong thing. duh. today, apparently lost meh card, you called and told me what to do. I said 'i don't think they renew the cards'. you immediately got irritated and scolded for being so negative. i protested that i am not assuming, only guessing and that i said that 'i just don't think so', then you reply with a stern tone, 'no don't even think' wth. ur not the one to control my thoughts and opinions. i wasn't assuming for goodness' sake! i didn't know. that's right. but u made it seemed that i was the highest authority in the world and saying that that's what it should be. wth.

stay away from me. im angry and pissed. sometimes i wonder why god lets things go this way...


Ok after spilling out my feelings of anger...

Recently, teacher chit has been talking abt the end of the world. I sit there and wonder what it's like. She says that on a scale of 10, we are probably at the 9th slot already. One more slot and Jesus would come back to create the new heaven and earth. I got curious. During confirmation, i asked my leader what was the white judgement about. She kind of guessed that i was scared of judgement and told me that once your christian and you keep to the Lord, it's confirmed - 'You are going to heaven' quote emma. I considered it, but i was not sure whether to believe. Though i'm christian, i'm not a pure christian, i do have a load of 'corrupt' surrounding me, and i'm not very faithful. I wonder really. So i really want to live life as if every day is my last day. You have to treasure time. If any of you haven't realised yet, time is really going very fast this year. In a week, we'll be on our first one-week holiday. Third month - can you believe that?!

And another thing - They switched me to the Melbourne trip instead, which is fine by me. I am a lil disappointed though, coz i do go to melbourne every two years or so, but i've never been to japan. Never mind, i plan to go to japan with cat nxt year - if we make it through the audition.

I gotta run, i still have homework and project work.