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-Isaiah 40:31

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005 9:23 PM

Talk about mad rush.

I actually managed to finish my D & T project on time. I did a bollywood elephant card rack. *grin* So i guess i won't be failing then.

I had to stay back during recess today cause Diana had to train me on how to speak loudly and with expression for the recess concert. Talk about perfection. I had to either speak louder or speak slower, or speak more angrily. I finally got it right. Then during english lesson, we practised the entire act and i actually did it well. Or so Diana says. I was concentrating on the anger and slow bit. Haiz. So the skit seems great.

After school went out for lunch with Vanessa, Priscilla and Sharon. Brenda and Tammie had to stay and finish up D & T so they ask Vanessa to 'da bao' for them. Lol. I actually ordered chicken chop and sharon ordered lemon chicken with rice. So an order came and it was a plate of rice with some chicken cutlet, and i thought it was mine, and sharon thought it was hers. So we had to wait for a while for the next dish to come, but sharon got hungry so i let her eat it. When the next dish came, it looked exactly like western-stall-auntie's chicken chop. That was it! LMAO. big mistake.

After that had to go take passport photo in school U. They made me look fat. Bleaghness. Tammie and Brenda came soon after and Tammie was about to die of hunger. LMAO. I headed back to school after that for beScoop meeting.