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Monday, March 14, 2005 6:17 PM

smARTs media camp 2005: The best, man!!!

So friday afternoon, I headed straight from the computer lab after getting off the bus (Learning Journey). I had left my camp bag outside the computer lab in the morning, praying no one would take it. No choice, the classroom block was going to be locked, and it's pretty stupid to take a huge backpack and a small sling bag up a bus together and down the bus at the exact same location. So yeah, i left it there. My class arrived at school a little later than the other classes, so the other committee members were already in the lab and had brought my bag in *thanks!*

So we went to change to our outing clothes and headed for west coast. Since we were going to take the club there for a short outing on the second day of camp, we decided to check it out one more time and make sure that everything will work out. Obstacle courses are fun! Ok, not all, but they are pretty fun XP Yeah, then sat in McDonald's for a quick drink and ice cream and headed back to school. Super hot. bleagh. Mr Foo took us out for dinner after that, at a curry restraunt opposite coronation. Yum! Waha. It was michelle, steph, liyu, charmaine, jolene, pearlyn, andrea, mr foo and me. Quite cheap - each of us had to pay $4, and mr foo paid the rest which was less than $4 if i'm not wrong.

Then we headed to coronation's NTUC to check out the canned food there. We were planning a shopping game, so we stood around looking at prices, brands, etc. Mr foo went to buy cup noodles for himself -_-''

Went back to the com lab to prepare for camp itself. The games and what-so-ever. Mrs Ang came down to the com lab at about 11pm at night, we were busy explaining the games to the whole committee at that time. She made us do some activities to find out our 'leadership'. Apparently, I'm a plunger (likes to just go for it, irrational thinking) but i'm an avoider (when there's an attack, i'd rather hide in the background and get away) which perfectly makes no sense at all. I was the only one of that variety by the way

(Man, i must be in a real bad mood. My bro came in wondering why my friend called me, and with my low level of patience and my hatred for busybodies, i used a irritated tone at him, and realised it, so when i tried to ask him something, he just walked out. haiz... when im irritated, he gets irritated. help.)

First day of camp was a super success. The members started coming in one by one at about 9.30, so we had to ask them to change to their dark clothing - Day one was supposed to be super-messy. Then Gillian got an idea and we all sat down to play.... Edelweiss... *clap!clap*...Edelweiss....*clap!clap* XD. Yeah. So whenever someone new came in, we made the circle bigger and continued on. So we played edelweiss for quite a while (It was impromptu!!!) and then played broken telephone. Everyone was really enthu with playing. I didn't believe it at first. Gillian only got the idea on the spot when people started coming in.

After that we went to play chair game - everyone was really enthu. We even cheered for other teams. But it was a bit messy, the paths of chairs started clashing with each other. After that we did human wheelbarrow game - pair up, given a slip of paper with a list of items, all these items are hidden in the box of shredded newspaper, each pair to get one item going by the order on the list given to the group. I played the wheelbarrow, anglia was the human. After you collect all the items, you have to make a special group contact sheet - Name, birth date and contact number. Points were given for creativity and neatness.

Later on, we allowed everyone to go take a break while liyu and i set up the next game. We were still preparing and char told them to go fill up water bombs. X) Wahahaha. So we played a 3-course game, first course was to go into an 'opposite-pushup' position, then walk backwards, second was the chair thing, third was to duckwalk and then blow a ping pong ball out of a box of flour. Amazingly, it started a flour fight. Then we played a real disgusting banana game - Enough chairs for each group, every odd chair has flour on it, every other chair was water on it. We had to pass a banana, then the last person run to the front and we all move down the line. My group lost so we had to do forfeit. I saw Amanda carrying a bucket, so i thought it was clear water, so i asked her to pour it on me. She did. Except that it wasn't clear water... it was flour water, and she poured the whole load of it on me. It was so cold that i screamed out loud, and almost everyone turned to look at me. Then i shot my hands in the air and went like "WHOO!!" and started laughing.

After that we had the outrageous captain's ball - no ball, but papaya halves and oranges. XD. everytime they dropped the papaya, it fell on the flesh side, not the skin side and went *SPLAT* gross. lol. i came back home today with a bag of clothes that had the essence of papaya... i was the refree :P Then the time finally came.... WATER BOMBS. Mr Foo cheated, he started shooting from the second level before he came down, then we all attacked him. Genevieve came back along with amanda and Pihui (chairman 2003) and she splashed water at me with a bucket. GEN!!! LMAO.

Then we had to clean the parade ground, cause there was papaya and flour everywhere. I'm really glad about that though, because everyone was helping out.Either cleaning the chairs, filling buckets and bottles with water, scrubbing the parade ground or picking the leftovers of the papaya and orange. Gross. lol. Then we had a shopping game which was... ok, i guess. I didn't really enjoy it. i was the leader. waha. Then we had dinner and taboo. Taboo was fun. waha.

Then came the scary part of the camp: Night Walk. Rachel took the club around back of the D & T block to the front of the school. We were told to pair up and not to touch the doors or windows or something bad will happen. We walked to the front where gillian sat and she began telling ghost stories. Comm members were already told what was going to happen, so i didn't believe her stories, though i will admit that i was a bit scared at first, cause i didn't know what stories she was going to tell. Then gillian brought us to the parade ground to look at the bell on top of the school, which is connected to one of her stories. Mr Foo then began telling some crap about ghosts and it scared a few sec ones. The poor girls.

After that had debrief with the comm and PiHui commented us and said she was impressed that that day was a really big hit. :D

I'll talk about day two and day three tomorrow. Too much for now. I feel really proud of myself actually. The fact that i was actually able to be a camp leader. This is my first time. It was awesome. Very very awesome. smARTs media rawkz!!