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Saturday, March 19, 2005 5:19 PM

Ah finally back from Sec 2 camp. Ok it wasn't bad at all actually, it was awesome. Sue me for assuming too early.

smARTs Media Camp Day 2 & 3
Nothing much to say for Day 2. I was gone for almost the whole day because of confirmation. When I came back, Amanda was giving the secondary two and ones training so i had to run to go change to shorts and shirt from my hooded top and army skirt. Lolx. Then we had mass bonding at night. Then we had mass bonding. Birthday Bench where they weren't allowed to talk but had to rearrange themselves from sec 1 to 5, january to december. Yeah. Then we had blindman, and played some games like whacko, did some cheers and songs and a billy banjar *however u spell it*

We stayed up until 4 am doing special gifts for the members. I was to do typing and I was going nuts typing stuff I shouldn't. Everyone laughed. Waha. Day 3 was basically debrief where Mr Foo went through everything with the club. Yeah.

Secondary 2 Dots Command Camp: Day 1
I literally had to kick myself out of bed to go for camp. I was still very tired from the previous camp, but I had to be at school by 7.30 so I forced myself.

The sec 2's met our camp chief Hooda/Huda *can't rmb how to spell* and we were immediately put into our groups. My group was made out of: Alex, Atiqah, Valerie Cheng, Gowri, Bhavarni, Teresa, Foong Khay (not sure), Jaslyn, Fion, Yu Hui, WaiJean, Aswani, Vicki, Joan... and right now I can't remember the others *paisei* Sry! Well, yeah, our trainer was a skinny muslin lady called Mai. At first when i saw her, I thought that she was a more quiet kind, I soon realised that you can't be quiet when you come from InuTrek, Mai was pretty loud. We had ice breakers before we left for camp. Oh btw, my group was number 5 and we were called 'Scar Pants'. That's cause we had a debate on whether to be called 'The Scars' or 'SquarePants' so we mixed them both.

Things I loved best during camp:
-Staying with my classmates
-Flying fox: I screamed the whole way down
-Rock Climbing
-Course Rope challenge: Shaking logs and dangling net
-Campfire: Campfire's burning in the dark dark night.. you go ooh-yeah.. yipee-pee yeah...