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Wednesday, March 23, 2005 12:09 AM

Back to school... haiz -_-''

I'm really stressed this week, so don't mind me if you see me sulking what so ever.

I got some new teachers.

Music: Mr Sharhil -> Haiz. no comment

Home Economics: Mrs Kee, for now trainee teacher Ms Fizah ->Ms Fizah seems pretty nice, she's young and quite interesting in a way. She's ok by me.

Literature: Mr Lim -> He's new, so i don't know much about him. From first impression, he seems pretty neutral to me. Not exactly boring, but not very interesting either.

School is still a bit hideous for me cause of the many things I unfortunately HAVE to do. Yeah. Nicole (Australian Exchange Friend) called me on saturday. I was so shocked, i wasn't expecting it. So we chatted for a while, but i had to cut the conversation because i was going out for dinner with my family. Haiz. Can't wait to meet her next tuesday.