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Saturday, April 02, 2005 11:54 PM

More updates on the Aussie Exchange of SMS 2005:

Chinatown!! Lolx. Well, ms yeo brought us to chinatown for the heritage gallery tour. We were suppose to go with the primary school but we were late. Haha. So it was like going on learning journey again. haiz. I met this P6 girl named Elizabeth Tan who is like a really hyper, cheeky monkey. She kept on walking around and poking people saying "Poke you" and i asked her what her name was and how old she was and she was like, "Yeah i'm P6 and i'll be joining next year.. ugh..." and made this weird face then skipped off. Waha. After the heritage gallery, we were brought to a teahouse - where we taught how to brew simple tea, the traditional way, and we did drink some of the tea. SO REFRESHING. lolx. and they boiled herbal eggs for us, i had 2. hee!! After that, i went shopping with nicole and she went on major spree. She came back with at least 5 bags of purchases, but it was all small bags. Haha. I couldn't buy much cause i wasn't planning on taking her shopping, and since i had no plans and she wanted to, so we went. I bought a pair of beach shorts though, for $8 so it was a good price. Went home by bus with emily and liwen after that. Hee.

Morning was meant for project work. Thankfully, nicole was fine with that. So vanessa q, breanda and pris came over for project work, and i let nicole enjoy some movies in my mum's room. Sharon came later and daphne tagged along, so the two best friends hung out with each other for a while. We played mario kart, super smash brothers melee and bomberman generation after feeling lethargic from doing work. Screamed the whole time. Pris kept on dying during the bomberman; and whenever she overtook me in mario kart, i ended up overtaking her instead. Waha!!!

After that, when the girls had left, I overheard daphne talking about how she didn't have many Good Charlotte posters at home and i got thinking. So i grabbed out my entire magazine collection and dumped it on the bed and let them look through it. They picked up posters and tore out pictures. It was ok. Cause i won't really look through those magazines very often, it was like a small present to them. After that, we got a cab and picked up sharon to go to the zoo. The zoo was nice, the night safari was even better.

Yeah, so today was pretty great. Nicole's been enjoying herself; i've been enjoying myself. Tmr i'll be bringing nicole to church, then bowling and shopping, then to a chalet bbq that majace is holding for dinner. Yay!!