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but those who hope in the LORD
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they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.

-Isaiah 40:31

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005 11:41 PM


Long time never blog. Sry, been really busy. Sleeping late past few weeks.

So update: Eng exams in this friday. Die. My comprehension is still not up to standard yet. Neither is my letter writing or compo or summary for that matter. Which practically means i might do average only for English. SAVE ME!!!

Today 2e3 was officially rejuvinated as we finally cleared our music project. So long. Now finally it's over. Sho happy. Hahax. Still got to clear mid year exams and some geog thingy. Too lazy to do the geog thing tho. Sighz.

Chinese class ended and i saw nikki waitin for me outside. So said bye to Kym and headed to bus stop with nikki. Had chat about American Idol. AHHH!!! ANWAR GOT KICKED OUT!! HOW COULD AMERICA BE SO CRUEL?!! ANWAR ROBINSON RAWKZ!!!! ahhh!!!

It's just sad. Haha. Randy Jackson is da man. Sheezy. Whoa. I'm starting to sound like my elder brother. So anyway, saw Ulin on the bus *JuNIOr* hahax. Talked to her about teachers, exams and projects. I pity her about a certain teacher, and she pities me about another teacher (not mentioning any names) So yeah. Ulin rawkz, man. One of the best juniors i ever met. *Give it up for ulin! Whoo!*

Oh yeah. On monday had to go to Aunt Florence for tuition with megan. Glenn was there as well. I have no idea what glenn did, but megan started to laugh non-stop till she even cried! Scared all of us. I was like, "Megan, are you ok?" Her laugh is contagious lor! I started to laugh a bit but had to bite my tongue *ouch* Oh and then megan was asking aunt florence to help her and was going like, "Aunt Florece... help..." Then i laughed and said stop whining. Then she's like i'm not whining. And i said you're whining. Then aunt florence sided me. WAHAHA.

Whoo. long entry bit. I'm directing next issue of eScoop. Hopefully will go well. haiz.