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Friday, July 01, 2005 5:24 PM

You know, just from reading "Diary of A Teenage Girl: I Do" gives me more anticipation to blog a lot more than ever. Anyway, I've been printing entries and keep them in a folder to ensure that I won't lose them in the future :P.

I'm starting to read more. I recently finished "Batman Begins" movie novel yesterday and I have started on "Diary of A Teenage Girl: I Do [Caitlin No. 5], and I still have more books to finish. Here's the list:
1)To Kill a Mockingbird
2)The Good Earth
3)Teen Ink: Written in the Dirt
4)How to Read Literature like a Professor (My dad insists)
5)Lady Gracia

Yes, I do plan to finish reading all these books. Hopefully by the end of the term. Ms Lum gave us a short talk on subject combinations for the next year and now I feel a bit threatened. It's scary when they say that there is only one triple science class. Haiz. Just got to do my best. :)

Tomorrow is the day of the Urban InFest. I'll probably go with taz if she's available since she is supposed to come over tomorrow anyway. It'll be cool. Youth day next week, so thankfully all of us get a long weekend - I'll probably go to cat's house for some anime fun. Haha.