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Monday, July 04, 2005 11:16 AM


Going to cat's house later - Maybe do some homework and watch some anime and play games and read manga. Anime Freakz Are we. Haha.

Long weekend = Yahoo!!! Let's see... Saturday was the day of the Urban InFest and that was so cool. (Too bad taz missed the skateboarding part, despite the fact she didn't enjoy the last bit) They had a skateboarding competition and some of the dudes did some cool tricks, I actually have pictures but I haven't uploaded them yet. Later, taz joined me and by then, they were introducing a group of breakdancers... on skates! Lolx. They didn't seem to do anything mesmerizing or extraordinary though. Like just move around and do tricks on inline skates.

Then they had two dance groups who were semi-finalists for some idol competition on channel 8 to perform. They were so cool!!! One group wore blue basketball jerseys and white pants, the other group wore pink outfits (can't rmb the specific outfit). Yeah.

Taz and I then walked over to the "Arts & Music" Zone where we saw a chalk drawing of Rukawa from Slam Dunk on the road. There wasn't much there - I assumed that most things happened while I was watching the skateboarding competition. Then we went to Cineleisure and took neoprints - Twice. The first time was super screwed up and we wasted our cash on it. Haha. Then we went to get my brother from the arcade and saw Clement and Ben there (Boss 1 & Boss 2 = super creepy) Haha. Ok, so they're nice guys, but they're creepy *shiver*

Then we went to SICC for early dinner cause kor had tuition at 7. Yeah. Taz managed to beg her dad to let her stay over so she did.

Next morning we went to church together, and were all going to go to Upper Pierce Reservoir with the junior school for our sunday school outing. Sandra, Adeline, Melissa, Belinda and I were the only senior girls there. Sighz. Loads of senior boys there... specifically the bratty sec1z...... esp the kid who wouldn't stop singing 'Mockingbird' out-of-tune in the bus (stupid mark! no, not meh neighbour mark chee, another mark..). We played Whacko and Dog&Bone by the reservoir then the boys and Adeline, Melissa, Sandra, Tcher Winnie and Tcher YuSeng went to play soccer. Tcher Tsin Chai was the ball look-out (he was supposed to make sure the ball didn't land in the water)

Sadly, James kicked the ball in another direction far from Tcher Tsin Chai and the ball landed in the water and we could not retrieve it. So John lost his ball. Poor guy. Ah well. Then we went back to the higher part of the reservoir to get some drinks and snacks where the juniors were.

Glenn and Hilary kept on trying to shove potato chips down my throat. Like, if I would refuse POLITELY, they would be like "take it" or "I know you want it" or "See lah, going to become anorexic, take lah" and I'd be like "DO I LOOK THAT SKINNY TO YOU?" (A bit of a duh question).

After the outing, dad took us(including glenn and hilary) to eat Beef Kway Tiao at one of the most popular kway tiao places - or so he says. Haha. It was delicious but super filling. Yeah. Oh yeah, Glenn made a deal with me - During december, we'll trade consoles and games. He'll get the XBox and a game of his choice, and I get his PS2 with a game of my choice from him. Haha. Probably for only a few weeks though. Sighz.

Dad then took us to Funan to buy VCDs so I managed to find "The Return of Jafar". Hee. Nothing much from then on. Went to dance class; Evelyn came back! Yay. Lol. Emily was sick so she didn't come. Evelyn was like... complaining about her fats or as they call it 'LoveHandles' and she was asking Sam how to get rid of them. So sam made us do abdonimals TWICE as requested by Evelyn and we nearly died. XP