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Friday, July 08, 2005 5:29 PM

Whee. My shoutbox finally works! Haha.

Just reporting a few weird school experiences:
1) I had art yesterday and Mrs Rosy Lo was going through the second priciple of design which is who-cares-what... and she started to talk about the direction of the eye. Now this part was weird. She gave an example of a boy watching a pretty girl walk by. She said that his eye would normally follow the girl's movement from left to right or right to left, and his eye would also go vertical, which means he would scan her body from head to toe. My whole class sat there with a stupified look thinking: "What the hell is she thinking?"

2) I accidentally called Ms Lum Ms Yeo instead! Ah! It was so embarrassing. Thk goodness only WeiWey and Sharon heard me. Lolx. Like the time stace was trying to call her mum, and instead of saying "Mrs Goh", i said "Mum". I must be spending too much time around people. My brain is going wonky.

3) Ms Lum gave us our final timetable for this term today. She forgot to change a mistake before she printed though. The box that was suppose to represent "Assembly" was written in short form... 'ASS'. So Ms Lum was like, "I do not like what I see, so please change it," and the whole class was laughing.

Ever heard Yonekura Chihiro sing? Her voice is super nice. She did the theme song for Rave Groove Adventure called "Butterfly Kisses" and I just love that song and her voice. Though I still think that Boa is still the best japanese singer, her voice rocks.

Well, I have two tests next week: English and Chinese. I did some studying just now with Mrs Zhong, thus the reason I can blog now. I hope to get more studying done and maybe some compo practice to prepare for my english test. Haiz.

Who loves school life? Not sure whether it's me.