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Sunday, July 10, 2005 8:48 PM

Firstly, replies to some shoutouts in the shoutbox:
To Nikki-> No problem nicolle. Know that im always here if u need a fwen to talk to. It ain't no big deal. There is no such thing as failure, only learning experience. Learn from mistakes in ur past matches, I guarantee you will do better soon. Let me know when ur matches are and I'll pray for you.

To Tazia-> I really appreciate the concern taz, but I'm not sure whether listening to someone's opinion on my want is a good idea. I probably won't follow your opinion of the person you decipher from my want. It's ok. I'll find out the answer in time, probably in JC... who knows?

I'm pretty pleased with myself today. It was weird but I was sabotaged at church. I was part of today's worship team and was supposed to co-sing. When one co-sings, whether he or she gets the microphone depends on how many people are leading (either 1 or 2) and how many micophones there are. So let's see, I was supposed to co-sing for Timothy and Jeremy today and there were two microphones. When Jeremy hadn't arrived yet, I guessed that I would have to use the microphone then. When Jeremy eventually arrived, I was glad about that too. When we started worship, Jeremy (who is like FREAKIN TALL!!) passed me the microphone and I gave him a stupified look. Then he went on to telling me that he will alternate with Timothy between songs, so I said ok and did not bother. He DID NOT alternate with Timothy at all! Like, Timothy sang all the songs, and Jeremy did the closing prayer. Plus the sad part was, my microphone was pretty loud. I could hear myself even when I held the microphone approximately 7.5cm away from my mouth. It was so loud.

But anyway, worship went well. It almost didn't though - Timothy's pianist overslept and did not make it to Church; The poor guy was going into a state of panic right before Jeremy came. Luckily Teacher Chit was there so she played for Timothy since she knew how to play the songs. Heng ah. You are lucky man, Tim.

So literally, today I made two new friends - Timothy from my church and MaryAnne from 2/2. Reason is cause Timothy was my brother's friend but I never talked to him. Like never. I met MaryAnne at today's Empowerment Seminar. Lolx. Coincidence.