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Monday, July 25, 2005 5:52 PM

I had a cool weekend. Check this out:

Friday 22 July 2005
Half day! Reason is because that day was Speech Day and the teachers wanted all participants to attend full-dress rehearsal without missing school hours before the actual thing. School ended at 11.45 pm, super early! Haha. I went out for lunch with Cat at the Serene Centre McDonald's. We ate and chatted a lot. Then Cat came over to my house where we watched "Agent Cody Banks" and "New York Minute" and checked out some anime fan art on the internet.

At about 5.15, Cat and I left the house - She was going home and I was going to meet up with Vanessa Quek as I was staying at her house that night. Then I went to school and walked back and forth around the front of school, cause I got confused where to meet Vanessa Q.

Met Vanessa's family. They are nice people. We went for dinner at Thompson Plaza and ate at the food court. Then Vanessa and I hung out there for a while just chatting. Then we got bored and decided to go to Junction 8 cause we felt like eating at Swensen's.

Sadly, Swensen's was crowded so we just headed home. That night we just chatted about life's stuff: Boys, Schools, Attitudes, etc. Haha.

Saturday 23 July 2005
Ok. Woke up at 7 but did not get out of bed till 8 since Vanessa was not up yet. When she finally got up, we had pancakes for breakfast. Plus I had a toasted mini pizza and Vanessa had waffle-cracker-thingys. We watched Totally Spies while eating breakfast.

Then we headed to Presbyterian High for the fun fair. At first, we felt so freakin' lost - Brenda MISSED the train so she was late. So we just sat in the hall and watched the concert... which was pretty boring but it was cute seeing elders dance. Haha.

Brenda FINALLY came and we went around the fun fair. I went to play para para (only way to spend my tickets) and at first Vanessa and I were trying to force Brenda to dance para para as a punishment for being late, but she wouldn't budge, so we dropped the idea. Apparently, I attracted quite a crowd. Embarrassing A++!! Haha.

Then we went to get our hair sprayed. I got a streak of blue and red each. Brenda got streaks of different colours. Felicia (Brenda's sister) had only red and a bit of purple sprayed all over her head. So cool! XD.

Then we got some food before Vanessa and I headed to J8 for lunch at Swensen's (Yay!) Brenda had to take her sister to a birthday party or something. Then I went home.

At about 6 something, we left for SAJC as we were going to attend the dance concert Rapture. It was pretty cool cause Dad was a VIP that day so we were served with refreshments and we met the principal of SAJC [=) nice lady] I saw Jean Quek there (Head Prefect, SMSS, 2003-2004) She told me that SAJC is quite fun but one has to have the discipline to study. I can tell. Man, just listening makes me want to go to SA instead now (I know I have been ranting on about this to ppl, can't help it, it's so exciting).

I also found what it's like to be a celebrity. They actually announced the guests of honours, told the whole audience to stand up, and flashed spotlights as my dad, the principal of the school, and another guest Mr. Melvin Lim walked in with the rest of the families. Haha. It was pretty weird. We had like... the best seats in the house, man! :P

The concert was AWESOME! SAJC must have like a super-high ranking for their performing arts. The performances were very very professional and good - Most of them were chreographed by the students themselves. It was amazing. Again, I'm like striding to go to SAJC and join the dance club now. Haha. Well, my decision might change, who knows? :P