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Tuesday, August 09, 2005 10:12 AM

Had so much fun yesterday!

After National day celebration at school, went with Nicolle back to HPPS. We were like one of the first there, so we just headed to the teacher's room to meet up with my elder bro and look for mlml.

Do you that they have officially security-locked the doors of the teachers' room? So if you want to get in, a teacher or somebody else inside has to press the open button, or a teacher has to verify the code outside. Thank goodness a teacher was passing by when nicolle and I wanted to go in - but we couldn't find mlml. He disappeared a few minutes before we came. We didn't get to see him at all! Stupid security.

Anyway we found stacey afterward and had to help her get in as well. Then we found nat and benjamin (6B) and got them in too. Then the two decided they wanted to go eat first instead. So they went out and got locked out, and they actually tried to crack the code to get in. I have no idea how the system works, but they couldn't get in. Ha.

Then we went down and one by one everyone else came. So while we girls hung out in the fitness area (monkey bars) and just chatted, the guys were either chatting in the canteen, playing basketball or just strolling.

Later, we all were sitting in the canteen and meh bro told me he invited dixon over to our place. So in the end i invited everyone else. Yep, everyone else means dixon, jarad, cui, pam, stace, nikki, kenneth, chris foo, yuan zhi, andrew, darren and arnold. Haha. So fun!

So when we got to the house the boys headed immediately for the game room. Us girls plus darren and arnold stayed upstairs. Pam and stace were watching a show, arnold and darren were busy getting to know my dog (weird). Lolx. I was like being so wary that they may abuse meh dog or something and cui kept on laughing wit me abt it.

Later cui, nikki and I got bored so we went to the park and joined arnold and darren there and just chatted and walked the dog and played usin vannie's torture jump-rope machine. Waha. Darren was trying to show off by using one foot only. Weird fellow. It took a while before arnold agreed to jump.

Anyway skip the rest of the day. After that yuanzhi, chris foo and kenneth left first. I sort of guessed they would get bored easily. Then pammie had to go for tuition and cui needed to go renew her passport. The others stayed for dinner except arnold. Stupid guy. Actually cui and pam shd've stayed too. Kill them! Hhahahaha.

So dixon, jarad, andrew, darren, stace and nikki stayed for dinner and we had a long chat while eating. I never had so much fun with my classmates before.

I mean seriously, usually we're like boys stick to boys, girls stay with girls; but it's like yesterday I realised how well we all get along. This is the first time i've actually spoken to darren as a friend! Shock. Hahaha. Plus andrew and jarad were really cool too. Actually come to think of it, this is also the first time i've actually spoken to arnold casually face to face. Dixon is meh dear twin bro, so i'm definitely cool with him. So much fun!!