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Saturday, August 20, 2005 1:08 AM

You know meh last entry I said that I felt guilty because of snacking? RIght now i feel even more guilty - I had to miss another comm meeting, and after reading Jo's email on the agenda, I sorta feel lost that I wasn't there (ok, i dun mean that this particular meeting is VERY imprt, every meeting is imprt, but let's talk about NOW first rather than past and future...) Waiting anxiously for the minutes so that I can be updated at least. Argh. I must be the crazy comm member who keeps on havin to kick meetings. Dang meh lifestyle.

Anyway, mum and dad dragged me off with meh bros and sis to HK. Haiz. Get to miss the ACES day workout though :P Ok so far, but this isn't even a proper holiday, or rather what mum calls 'Proper family time'. I get that. We used to be able to chat quite a bit during dinner time, but now mum and dad come back pretty late, we only have the weekends, if my brothers and I aren't too busted with work.

I just registered for a workshop for a new dance school. Sounds cool. I know I told people that I am striving to be a lawyer (and i STILL AM), whilst studying multimedia at the same time, but dance is still a passion of mine (specifically hiphop). Really can't wait for it.

Anyway, today mum dragged us to Stanley Market. Managed to buy priscilla's b-dae prezzie; can't guarantee that i'll be able to find sharon's though; I wanna buy little trinkets for meh classmates, but doesn't seem like i'm getting anyway, might not be able to buy any after all. Sigh.

Life is boring. You can either put it as boring or perhaps the word 'boring' is underestimating it. I need to try something new and different. OK well, I have listed a few things that I'm definitely getting done before I go to University:
1) Hold a mega co-ed sleepover
2) Intern at meh mum and dad's office once I'm 14, or even before that if their bosses allow me.
3) Intern at this multimedia company that my uncle is going to introduce me to next year
4) Perform a hiphop number for friends (heh heh pammie :P)
5) Travel somewhere with my friends ALONE

Wow. I seem to be dumping randomn topics into meh blog entry in bits and pieces. HAha.

Oh yeah, Ms Lum made us do a career survey thingy for PSE on thursday, which was quite interesting. I am pretty intrigued by the idea of career. I fall under the categories of 'Artistic' and 'Enterprising', but more to the 'Artistic' side (graphic designer, dancer, photographer, web designer) rather than the Enterprising (Lawyer - I'm aggresive, but i'm not a complete extraovert... however u spell that....)

Teacher's day is coming up. Can't wait. Weihong is supposed to show me his earholes. Waha. I better think of a way to get him off meh case - He says he will haunt me for the rest of my life if I don't pierce my ears by the end of the year - Weirdness.

Last thing, Dorothy finally unscrambled the Lovies thing. Took her quite a while though. She was getting pretty frustrated doin the puzzle we set for her :P