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Thursday, September 01, 2005 11:34 AM


You know, in primary school, I never talked to weihong face to face. Just yesterday, he was bullying me and I was insulting him. LMAO.

So teachers' day wasn't so bad after all. We got let out at 1.15 instead of 1.45, thank goodness, but I only reached hpps at 2 cause i got delayed by some UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES. I was pretty upset, cause Matthew told me that he'd be there and I haven't seen him thoroughout my secondary school time so far, and it would so awesome to see him, but he left before i got there. Damn it. Oh yeah, dixon looks taller than before. Darn twin monkey brother of mine, if only he'd stop playing b-ball. Lolx.

So yeah, saw mlml and talked with him a bit, then went around the school looking for the boys cause I wanted to see the state they were in. Haha. Kevin changed his hairstyle... he looked weird, it was sort of long and flopped down. Waha. Daniel bok seems more decent than before, thank goodness for that, I guess he's ok by me now, though i'll still be cautious. Oh and another thing - all the boys I saw yesterday are taller than me, damn it. Ah well.

Then most of them (except for dixon, arnold and daniel) tagged along with my bro and I and followed us to Serene Centre McDonald's for lunch. We just hung there and had fun. Waha. Stace and cui went psycho with my camera. Diao -_-'' Then zestin and kenneth went home, and the rest of them all trooped to my place.

They played on the XBox and Gamecube till about 5.45. Mum said I had to kick the boys out of the house by 6 cause jon needed to study, but the girls could go home anytime. Stace was the last one to leave, which was about 6.45. It was such a wonderful day.

You know, through all these visits to Henry Park, I have proved one thing: "you never realise how well you could get along till you depart from one another" I wonder how the long the 6C '03 bond will last? Hopefully forever. Anyway, we have an apartment chalet coming up, and that's gonna be fun, but we all better get our butts back to studying before and after that. Haha.