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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 8:51 PM

First week of school.... and I'm DEAD TO THE WORLD.

I can't seem to concentrate these days. My attention span just clicks off latest two periods after recess (whatever the time it may be) Anyway, revision obviously started. Thank goodness I can get practice for maths and science at Aunt Florence, and chinese with Mrs Zhong; Now I just need to work on the english, history and chinese. Heck abt Home Econs - I really hate the subject now.

Cooked Sardine pastry today. Though most credit goes to Ms Kee - She bought premade pastry and had the sardine made for us. However it tasted weird.

JingXi insisted that it was probably cause there was too much lemon in the sardine (Ms Kee mentioned that she did put lemon). I agree.

I really cannot wait till the term is over. Then I can get started on some major things:
1) Party
2) Music Video
3) Sleepovers
4) Preparation for Sec 3 *bleaghz*

By the way, even after all this, life is still boring and it still sucks. Take note.