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Wednesday, September 21, 2005 9:54 PM

Let me copy an excerpt of an interesting conversation I had with Sharon from her blog:

Sharon and I started talking about SJI for some strange reason.
Something like she hated SJI because of some stupid physics paper that her tuition teacher made her do and she went on about how she would not want to send her son to that SJI school because she would not want to torture ger son to do such horrible physics papers and make him go insane.

And the conversation led on the ACS Barker and SCGS because something like ACS barker guys pair with SCGS girls because their schools are a few bus stops away or something. So sharon asked me – what school does SMSS "pair" up with. My guess was SJI cause I have heard somethings about it before. Sharon was seriously – flabbergasted. Well, it's only stereotype.

So we started talking about how SJI and ACS barker boys fight over SCGS girls and some guys from SJI would go out with SOME SMSS people, but not most SMSS girls because SMSS has a GOOD REPUTATION of being a good girl's school. YES! Again, SMSS rocks.

So we did up this list during history *only when we finished our work (we are such goodie-two-shoes)
This is a list on how like schools "pair" up with other schools.
Its rather corny and inaccurate but still, forgive us, we were bored.

RGS and RI (the obvious pair. Sharon says: both schools have intellectual people of the same kind… so yeah, the combination is good what)
NYGH and HCI (both schools linked together by the overhead bridge a.k.a Bridge of Love)
ACS (I) and MGS (both are Methodist schools, both affliated to ACJC *woots*. Both schools very high-class)

So the list goes on..
(Edited so that it comes from my point of view)

Lolx. It was really interesting. And pretty stupid. The 'school hirachy' or something.

Ok on to today's entry.


I had my chinese test today and it was a big-time killer. Even sharon said that she was going to fail this. It was so difficult. Gosh. Chinese teachers have become mentality serial killers or something (oh dear, I must have picked up the weird-logic-creating from JingXi. LMAO)

Anyway, I have loads of test next week, not to mention my english exam is next week as well. I shall put up my test and exam scheudule from now till the end of my final exam paper.

My 'exam leave' shall start this sunday by the way. Haiz. Good luck to everyone!