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Saturday, September 24, 2005 11:04 PM


Volunteered to be a tour guide for parents interested in registering their kids for Primary 1 in 2006.

It was so fun. It was sort of a last minute thing, because stacey suddenly called me yesterday, reminded me and asked me again. At first I was like, "tomorrow? OH! *whacks head* the tour thingy!"

Anyway, some evil people didn't reply to stace's msg, so in the end, it was just yuan zhi, andrew, pamela, stacey, mrs goh and me. It was enough I guess. We had about 6-7 families each, so it was not too bad. It was my first time being a tour guide so I was a little nervous, but everything went well. The parents were very nice (they did not ask stupid questions), and the kids were cute.

We had to clear SEVEN levels, so we started at the top, and by the time we got to third floor, the kids were starting to get thirsty and cranky. Also, the OM has started locking up some of the staircases, so we had trouble getting from the fourth floor to the fifth floor. I was the second last to finish my tour. Mrs Goh helped me clear the last bit since our groups collided.

So yeah, overall it was fun to see the old school again. Let me just list the things that we covered.

First Level:
-Basketball courts/Kids zone
-Home Econs Room
-Music rooms
-book shop
-conference room

Second Level:
-Staff Room
-Study Area

Third Level:
-General Office

Fourth Level:
-Science Labs

Fifth Level:
-Tennis courts

Sixth Level:
-Classroom (showed just one to all parents)

Seventh Level:
-Graduation wall (2003 YEAH!!!)

I also talked about the Character First Programme, School Celebrations, School system (GEP, Streaming, EM1 etc.), and CCAs