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-Isaiah 40:31

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005 6:35 PM

Quick update on what's going on so far:

So far, the papers have been good. Cleared both languages and the paper wasn't so bad after all. I'm quite confident that I'll have at least a B3... :)

So I have maths Paper 1 and history tomorrow... and by friday, it'll all be over! YAY!! Lolx. Might hang out with sharon for an hour at Border's after exam if she feels like it. If not, i'll go wit pammie. :D

Ok. So a little panic: Birthday presents. My dear twin brother dixon and my dear tall best friend suewei's birthdays are next week and I HAVE NOT IDEA WHAT THE HELL TO GET THEM!!!

Tried calling to ask, of course, people in this reality only reply with "anything" or "i don't know" so that was not much help. Ah well. I told dixon I may end up giving him a hongbao, but I wanna give him a proper gift. Sue is easier to find cause she's a girl, I thought of buying her a tee. Argh.