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Monday, October 17, 2005 10:16 PM


So the guy in the white shirt is one of my church friends and a cell leader, Timothy Ong.


And the girl, also a church friend and a cell leader, in the orange shirt and black jacket is Ariana Tan.

Lolx. Today, which is my only marking day, was a weird day.

So at abt 10.30, I got ready to go out. Initial plan was to just meet the girls at Plaza Singapura at 12.30, but I got bored, so I decided to stop by Kinokuniya @ Ngee Ann City on my way there. Taz had headed home to put her stuff, and she was going to come back to meh place for lunch, then meet meh bro.

I met Godpa Peter on the bus to Orchard, and found out he was going to kino as well, so we both went together. Thankfully Godpa had a kino card, so I got a small discount on my comic book. Then I walked to Plaza Singapura, where I bought Suewei's present. *shucks, haven't found dixon a gd present, so i shall send him a hongbao*

While waiting for the other girls to come, I hung around a gift store outside Swensen's, and bumped into Ariana and Timothy there. They were going to watch a movie. It was pretty funny bumping into them there. Like I said to them, I kinda expected them to actually get bored and walk out of the house, but I didn't expect them to be at PS. Haha.

Then met wit JX, VQ and dotty and we went to have lunch at Swensen's. Brens came soon after (she was a lil late) We had a good chat and we had this really weird truth game. I asked the best questions, man. *gosh, am i corrupted*

Q1 (To JX): If Robert De Niro were to come in this moment, and ask if you would have sex wit him, would you?

Q2 (To VQ): If you got drunk one night, and *somebody* got you pregnant, would you marry him?

Ok, now I sound really gross. Think good thoughts! Think good thoughts! Lolx.

So after that, we went to take neoprints. Now that was fun. Heh heh. After that, I had to rush off to look for kor and tessa on the cinema level. They were waiting for Ariana and Tim to come out of the movie.

Stupid thing -> Ariana and Tim went in for a three hour movie at 1.40 and did not realise it, so they had to run out halfway through the movie, and not to mention that they were already late. Lolx. Then we headed to dhoby ghaut MRT and took a train to Ang Mo Kio, before we took a cab to SICC, thompson.

Now here's where all the bad things start:

Kor is a junior member, and I am supposed to be one, but the club hasn't sent me my membership card. However, when we got to the bowling alley, the security guard says "members" have to sign us in, even if we are "junior members"; and that in the first place, "junior members" cannot register guests. We were bummed. We tried going to the billards room, but same result.

So we moped in the lobby of SICC, and tim suggested we got to his club and he called the place and bargained for two lanes at the bowling alley. Then ariana said that she couldn't go since there was not enough time between, so she suggested going to J8, and tim had to call and cancel the booking like one minute after he booked it.

So my brother actually went to ask the club to call us a cab, then ariana suggested again "why don't we just hang out here?" However, when meh bro tried to cancel the cab booking, the lady at the reception had already booked it so we had to take the cab. No choice.

Then the cab came, and the driver told us that he could bring all five of us, so tim, tess and I went to J8 first, and kor and ariana had to book another cab. In the cab, tim told tess and I two stories - Him nearly being murdered and him nearly being arrested. I was quite surprised he told these stories to us, cause it didn't seem like he told my brother before. Kinda weird.

Tim got hungry when we got off the cab, so we had to stop at the Old Chang Kee in the basement so that he could feed himself. Then kor and ariana came, and ariana said she had to go home, so tim was like, "we came all the way here to go home?"

In the end, we decided to go bowling at tim's club, so tim had to call and book two lanes again, but this time he put it under his middle name "Joshua". Lolx. So we took mrt to novena, but we missed the bus, so tim tried asking the driver of another bus if the bus went in the same direction. Apparently, the uncle said 'yes', but we ended up missing the turn and had to walk the rest of the way to the club. Quite a far bit inward, if you ask me.

After that, everything was swell. Bowling was fun, kor won tim by one point. Poor Timothy. Haha. I actually got two 9's in a row, so I was winning tim, then I started to lose my touch. Lolx.

One game over, and we headed to the pool table. We were going to do two games, one to teach tim and tess how to play, one for a team game. It was really funny. According to tim, when he played the last time, he used his hand. Well, he played around with the white ball today and his fingers got crushed, his fault. Haha. Yeah, then for the team game, it was tim and I versus tess and kor. We won! Yay. Lolx.

Then we took a cab home, and the cab driver was really friendly. He talked to us quite a bit; btw, this is interesting -> He thought i was of indonesia and chinese blood. He said that I looked like one side of the family came from china, but I was born in Indonesia.

Indonesia...that's a new one. It's usually America, Australia or Malaysia. China was told to me by one of my chinese teachers, but that's it. Lolx.

So yeah overall, it was quite a cool day. But we really need to plan out the next one properly.