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Sunday, October 30, 2005 11:49 PM

Today was fun.

Grandpa and Grandma finally moved to their new flat in Lorong 5 Toa Payoh, thus, the entire family (well, most of us), cousins and adults, all trooped to their new place in shorts and shirts and helped them to unpack. We worked from 11-4!

Their new flat is definitely much smaller than their old one, but that's just cause it's only the two of them now. So it's a cozy four-room flat (it can be considered FIVE, cause there's this backroom behind the kitchen, which can only be accessed through the kitchen), and it's a little cramped with the whole family there, but Grandpa and Grandma like it. So yeah.

So, we had to do unpacking whilst the movers were still shifting stuff into the flat, and taking empty boxes out of the flat. It was pretty annoying cause we had to unpack fast enough, otherwise the movers wouldn't have space to dump the stuff. As mum said, 'Pa, Ma, you have too much rubbish lah, throw some of it away' Haha.

Yeah, I worked mostly in the kitchen, stuffing all the things in the shelves, just to make space for other boxes (lisa organised it after that), then I had to help in Grandpa's room, unpacking all grandpa's clothes and stuff. After that, I helped out with small bits in grandma's room of hanging clothes, and had to sweep the hallway, plus carry empty boxes and plastic bags to iron 'waste thingy' on the ground floor. Heh.

But overall, it was really cool. The last time I moved house was when I was P1, and my mum dumped my brothers and I in my other grandma's house nearby, so that they could do unpacking. So yeah, literally it was my FIRST experience at unpacking stuff after moving house.

It was cool.