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Wednesday, November 09, 2005 1:00 AM

I forgot to blog about the class chalet last week and since my life has nothing interesting to talk about now, I shall talk about the class chalet.

First thing I did was to have breakfast and spend the morning with my parents. Later on, they dropped me off at City Hall Interchange to take MRT to Pasir Ris station where I was going to meet my classmates.

I must admit, I looked like a runaway since I was carrying a small slingbag and a bag that was so stuffed, ppl can easily assume stuff Haha. Yeah. The ride to Pasir Ris is really long and tiring, I hate going there but I had no choice; My parents were definitely not going to drive me all the way there.

Anyway, when I got there, I thought I was the only SMSS 2e3 girl there since I didn't see any other teenage girls in black shirts with an orange cross-word puzzle on the back. After I tapped my EZ link to get out, I had to look around a bit before I found Alicia at the entrance of the station. A few seconds later, Vanessa, Sharon, Priscilla and Brenda came. So I had to change to my class shirt and we headed to McDonald's in White Sands (i think tht's the name of the mall there) for a drink and a bite, before we went to meet everyone at the MRT.

The chalet was actually pretty small. The room was really tiny, thus we decided to let Ms Lum and those girls who didn't bring sleeping bags to have it. Later we gave it to those who needed to sleep well, something like that.

At some point, Huiling, Alicia and I had to go looking for Shandy and Guishireen who had some of our BBQ food. We ended up running from our chalet to the reception of Coasta Sands Pasir Ris, to eScape theme park, to the reception of Downtown East, where we found the two girls inside Burger King. They were dropped off at the WRONG Coasta Sands. Haiz. Lolx. Anyway by then we were really tired, so we bought a drink and some onion rings to share.

Later on, some of the girls went swimming and strolling. I stayed behind to help prepare the BBQ for fun. It took a really long time to get the fire started - None of us actually knew how to start a proper BBQ! Haha. Yeah, so we used half the box of fire starters cause the fires kept on dying on us. We must've spent nearly an hour juz preparing it, thus Tammie, Ms Lum and I (maybe some others) got a really serious dry sauna time It was so hot!

So we cooked sausages, chicken wings, fishballs, chicken nuggets and crabsticks. Yeah. Louisa kept on coating all the food with honey, so they all tasted really sweet, and some girls complained that it tasted too sweet. Haha. Ms Lum said then that Louisa would have to eat all the honeyed-stuff at some point.

Later on, Ms Soh came to join us for the bbq. Waijean and I went to help her with the extra drinks she had bought for us. Yeah.

So the bbq was really fun and we chatted with Ms Soh and Ms Lum quite a bit. After that, some of the girls had a birthday surprise for Ms Lum along the beach, so we had a short nightwalk (with a few mishaps)

Not all the girls stayed over, but I did anyway. I actually did homework there, and got some interesting responses from the girls. Haha. I managed to finish my maths homework there :D! Most of the girls didn't want to sleep yet, so no one could lay the mattresses or their sleeping bags out on the floors yet. Yeah. After a while, about eight of us dumped ourselves on the bed in the chalet's bedroom and juz laid down there while the girls who were supposed to sleep on the beds were downstairs chatting. Haha. It was really crammed but funny. :P

Finally, we went to bed at about 2 am. Yeah. There were about 15 of us downstairs, three slept on sleeping bags spread out, the rest of us shared two mattresses. It was so crammed and uncomfortable, we were spread out all over the place. I kept my spot, some girls kept on shifting here and there. I think Tammie, Melodie, Priscilla and Teresa were the girls who had trouble sleeping and wondered around here and there before they finally laid down to sleep (except for Teresa). Lolx. By the time Pris wanted to sleep, there was no space on the mattresses, so she had to lie on the floor next to me. Meep. Teresa actually wanted to go out, but Ruying had plonked herself on a spot right in front of the doors, and so did Pris after tha, so yeah, Teresa had no choice but to stay inside.

THe girls actually wanted to go to the beach at 5 or 6 smth to watch the sunrise, but Louisa, Naomi and I were sleeping like logs then, and it was raining at that time anyway, so in the end, they didn't go. Finally woke up at about 8 smth.

Had breakfast of cup noodles, some girls had nutella sandwiches or peanutbutter or cheese or smth. Yeah. Then packed my things and changed before I followed Huiling, Amelia, TengTeng and Ms Lum (they all had to head back to school for the day, the rest hung around) to board the shuttle bus to the interchange.

Huiling asked if I wanted to join them for a drink in McDonald's. I actually wanted to but I had tuition at 12, and it took me nearly an hour to get home, so I refused and went on the mrt.

It was really fun and awesome. :)

2e3 of SMSS' 05 Rawkz forever!!