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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 11:47 PM

Praise the Lord!!

iSow 2005 rawkz! The Clancys are definitely inspirational leaders. Haha.

So yeah, been spending these past two days(plus tomorrow) at, literally, a Christian Worship Workshop. And it's been fun. Today my team had to present a praise song, and since we were all vocalists (Tim, kor and I from 8am service; Vanessa and Michelle from CityKids), we had to use a CD as background track. I led. Heh heh. Actually we prepared dance moves for the entire song but halfway through we ended just jumping and dancing wildly, we chucked the dance moves (except for Michelle and Vanessa, they were to show the dance moves to the back, and were surprised when Tim, Jon and I suddenly stopped dancing. Haha paisei)

So yeah, we've been taught how to lead, basic choreography for such songs, songwriting, etc. Today when we did the choreography part, I volunteered, or more like WAS volunteered by the others, to present the dance we had just learnt and lead everyone else. I wanted to dance for "Call Upon the Name of the Lord" (i think thtz the name of the song...), but ended being chosen for "You are the One". Haha.

We've been hanging out with a team from Chapel of Resurrection, since our chaperones are such good friends. Yeah. Their team is made out of four girls and one guy. They managed to point out that I was a dancer when I led *grin* It was fun.

I miss my dance class, but every week I seem to have some reason that stops me from going, so I decided that I shall only start next year. For now, I need to copy and master dance moves from Jump5 videos (I already have half the chorus for Spinnin' Around, the whole chorus for All I can Do and Do Ya, and some bits and pieces from Beauty and The Beast and Haiwaiin Roller Coaster Ride) Meep. Sho fun.

3 more days till meh birthday!! *hinthinthint* WAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok kidding. *grin*