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Tuesday, November 22, 2005 12:37 PM

The last two days have been SO fun that today, at this very moment, starting from sunday night, I HAVE FALLEN SICK. Stupid flu. *bleaghz*

Ok enough drama, that wasn't even the point of this entry. So yeah, about last two days. Sunday, November 20th 2005 - at approximately 2.00pm, a group of kids.... OK i'm doing that again. So anyway, yeah, I finally had my 6Cian co-ed sleepover and it was really great!

So everyone arrived at my house at about 2, except for pammie because my family had breakfast at a Nasi Padang stall near her house in the morning, and thus went to fetch her at 11.10, and Jarad who I HAVE NO IDEA HOW but got lost in Bukit Panjang... How the hell did he do that? Lolx. Anyway, he found his way back.



So guest list: Sue, pammie, taz, stace, nikki, michael, dixon, jarad, andrew and terran (I still have no idea how to spell his name -_-)

After everyone had arrived, we went to SICC Thompson. All the girls in the XC-90 with my mum, three boys with my dad in the other volvo, and four boys in a cab. So yeah, we went bowling. Meep. That was really funny. I beat pamm. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The boys kept on making a racket, especially michael... he wouldn't shut up. WAHA. After that we had two games of pool. I suck at pool. Lolx. I was trying to aim for the ball once, and accidentally fouled because I pushed the stick against the ball and it only moved for a distance of less than 10cm... diao -_-'' The girls won the first game, we were actually losing (LOLx) but we hit in the last ball, so we won. :P We couldn't finish the last game properly cause stupid michael whacked in the 8-ball when we still had loads of other balls on the table. duh.

Then we went for an early dinner by the poolside. The boys ordered a hell lot. Like we girls each had a meal, and we had a plate of satay to share. The boys had satay, two plates of chicken wings, and they EACH had a large gunner. Their bill was about $50+ more than us. WTH.

There was one point when taz and I had to bring vannie to the toliet to help her change into her swimming costume. So on our way to the bathroom, we tried doing something like this: run, leap, spin, land, run... and repeated it again and again. Dizzy. *Yahoo* xD

Yeah, after we ate, we started to fool around in an open area near the poolside, we tried doing helicopter but we didn't last :P Then we went to the pool where there was this squirting-fountain-thingy and started splashing water at each other.

When we went home, we headed straight to the college green basketball court where we had a 6-on-6. Lolx. Me, terran, michael, stace, taz and jarad versus kor, dixon, pam, nikki, sue and andrew. We won. Lolx. Literally because we scored the last basket.

When we went home, mum sent us straight to the showers, and when we were done, we were forced by vannie to play "Twister" and it was really fun. First we tried to put everyone on the mat, but realised we couldn't. So we did a boys's round first...

....and then a girls' round.

between the rounds, we celebrated my birthday. WAHA. ok so it's "belated" but it was still celebrating. I didn't have a cake on my actual birthday since I was too full from the sushi dinner we had. Haha. But it was fun. The gang rawkz.

From left to right...
Top row: Jarad, terran, andrew, michael, kor, stace, pam, sue, chris, dixon
bottom row: joy, vannie, me, taz, nikki

Meep. WAHA.

Anyway, after all that, we had a one-on-one round. Although due to time and tiredness, we could only have four rounds. What we did was that, the boys had to send one representative, and so do the girls. The boys' team will then decide where the girl should put her hands and feet, and the girls' team will decide where the boy should put his hands and feet. The first one to fall loses. Haha. Pamm and I are evil, we killed two boys. So anyway, first it was stacey versus michael, then pammie versus terran (LMAO), then taz versus dixon, and lastly me versus kor... and that was the longest round, since both of us refused to give up. Haha. Stace had to go home after all that. Aw.

So after all that, we went downstairs to the basement, where we watched 2 1/2 movies. First was half of this movie being screened on Star Movies called "Waterboy", then we watched "You got Served", and lastly "The Longest Yard" It was so funny. Lolx. Dixon refused to sleep after the movies, cause he had basketball practice in the morning, and he didn't want to skip it, cause he skipped the previous training. He did fall asleep durin longest yard though. Diao.

We finally went to sleep at about 3 smth in the morning, close to 4. Well, at least I did. I was so tired. Woke up on monday at about 7 smth. Again, I woke up a few mins before my alarm clock rang. Then I had to go downstairs and check on the guys cause dixon and michael had cca that day, but they didn't tell me what time. All the girls had got up already, so that was ok. Anyway, went down to see andrew and jarad on the mattress, michael and chris on the sofa chairs, terran on the big sofa, and dixon and kor on the floor. Diao. So when I opened the door, they all began to stir and some woke up. When I asked dixon and michael about their timing, mike said 9 smth, dixon said "heck care, skip lah"... Diao. So much for "not sleeping"

Pam, sue and nikki all had cca in the morning, so they left straight after breakfast. Michael and Andrew left at about 9 smth, and the rest of the boys left when I was going for doctor's appointment.

Sho fun. Now they are all begging me to hold something like this again. -_- Help. Ok lolx. kidding. I'll try ;)