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Thursday, December 01, 2005 11:40 AM

Another early morning begins a new day.

To be honest, I actually set my alarm clock for 6am for who-know-what reason, I have no idea myself. Stupid clock beeped and wouldn't shut up. I don't remember what I did, but I ended getting out of bed at 7.35 instead. Haha.

I'll be flying off to North Island, New Zealand for almost two weeks tonight. I cannot wait. The Scenery there is Beautiful. I know that I am usually lazy with my camera (Taz can prove this), but this time I'll definitely be taking loads of photo. Anyway, I promised my media club teacher that I'd take a lot, so that he could create wallpapers. I might even make a layout out of the photos for myself.

Pretty much packed. Except for my backpack, which I have no idea what to dump in it. All I know is that it cannot be too filled and heavy. For one thing, I'll die of backache, for another, if it exceeds a certain weight, they might not let me onto the plane. However, I actually have nothing to pack, save for a storybook, diary, jacket, sunglasses, retainers, camera, devotion booklet, stationary.... and my bag's not even half-filled.

I am actually tempted to take along my A* Maths textbook. Call me crazy but the last time I abandoned the maths load for two weeks, I almost forgot everything when I went back to tuition. Ah well. I don't think mum will allow. Besides, we've got a pretty tight scheudule, I probably won't have time to do any of the work.

So come 5pm, and we'll be taxi-ed off to the airport. You know, I used to love the airport. It has restraunts and small shops all over, two terminals that have a small mrt-like shuttle to go between terminals, loads of chairs to sit down and toliets and stuff.... You could actually live there. Sadly, after that crazy maths trial that nearly cost me a friendship. I don't really like it. Or at least I don't like certain parts of it. The restraunts are fine. Haha. I think about my stomach.

Unfortunatey, my dear mother will always get caught up with the shops. I remember one of our trips, she stopped at a handbag store and was still in the store browsing when our flight was BOARDING! We finally got her out on Last Call and we managed to get on the plane. Phew. Never knew what would've happened if we missed it. Diao.

Ok, so yeah. I'm available online till about 4 smth, then I'm gone at 5 for the airport, but I can still sms and talk on handphone till about 6 smth.

I think i'll list the people that I can buy presents for, and the people that I have to TRY to buy presents for. I need to bargain with mum, just that the NZ dollar is worth more. Haiz. Taz won't be in any of the lists, but that's because I'll try to bargain with my brother to share her present with me =P The rest will be my own.

Will buy:

Try to buy:
-Vanessa Q.