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Wednesday, December 07, 2005 6:54 AM

For all those who do not know, I'm currently in New Zealand. Today is our 6th day here. I'm just gonna dump my diary entries in here like I told taz I would....

Date: 2nd December 2005
Time: 12.19 am
Mood: Not sleepy, but not ecstactic, just neutral

Dear diary,
Ok I lied on my blog; The best part of the airport isn't the restraunts or shops... it's the planes. Well, the beginning of this trip didn't start out as normal as we thought it would be. We ran into some problems.
Firstly, it started off with me panicking that I may have screwed up thr card slot of my dad's digital Nikon. Then it came to my dad getting frustrated and trying to jam cards in and out trying to make them fit. Thank goodness I did not spoil the camera.
When we finnally got into the taxi, and was about to pass through Toa Payoh, my brothers suddenly remembered that they had forgotten their retainers, so we had to make a U-turn. When we were about to exit the neighbourhood, my younger brother realised that he couldn't find one of his retainers, and we had to reverse once again. The Nigerian kids must have thought we were nuts. I could see the "What the hell..." look on their faces.
Fast forward to the airport check-in. All that drama and trauma earlier cost us nearly one and a half hours. So instead of hanging around like we had planned, we had to go check-in. Took this time to ring up one of the best friends. Tried stacey first, but guess what? Dear girl is in Jakarta. Oh, she is so going to die when she gets back for not telling me. Hahah. I thought of ringing up pammie, but then I remembered that earlier that day I had said bye to her online so there was no point. So I rang up the other twin. Dixon was at home, officially requested for a bald sheep for his souvenir from NZ. Haha. I make no promises. After that, I sms-ed nicolle, cui and sue.
Skip next few bits of the time in the airport till the part we enter the departure hall. We had to step into Guardian because my sister needed a sweet for the flight. Ever felt pressure and pain in your ears the pilot announces about the landing? Apparently, chewing sweets help. I'm still not sure why, my mum jammed the idea into my brain when I was a kid.
Anyway, somewhere in the store, I saw this really interestingpocketbook... "Understanding Your Bowels".... Right! Besides shitting, peeing and stomach pains, what else is there to understand?
You will not believe the excitement I felt when I was getting on the plane. Ok, I know i sound like a little three-year-old on her way to Disneyland.
I got the window seat. Yay. Tell you something - I definitely prefer night flights to any other. When the plane takes off and it goes high into the night sky, the city lights in the darkness are really pretty to the eyes.
So list of movies I will be watching:
-Little Manhattan (It looked so cute!!)
-Sky high
-Initial D

Try to watch:
-The Island
-The Gift

Wow. I finished watching Sky High. Michael Angarano has grown! The last I saw him was in 'Little Secrets' where he played a 12-year-old! (co-star Evan Rachel Wood) He actually looks cute. Haha. The girl opposite him is quite pretty too.
Ok time out. Mum says I should turn off the top light or I may bother people who want to sleep. This western-lifestyle-raised chinese Singaporean teenage girl will be back with another update on the New Zealand 2005 holiday, hopefully tomorrow.


Date: 2nd December 2005
Time: Too lazy to check... should about 8.30 pm NZ time
Mood: Tired -_-''

Dear diary,
Welll I managed to catch some shut-eye after watching those movies.
I'm quite surprised but I actually felt the pain in the ears. Weird. The last time I felt that stinging, sound-blocking, ear-clogging pain was......... ok see? I can't even remember when it happened. All I know is that for the past two trips overseas this year, during the landing, I didn't feel the pain. At All.
I'm distracted watching "Grease" starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John...
A few funny things happened today. Firstly, after we finally managed to find our luggeg, the luggage belt immediately stopped and started to beep. So we all looked each other and were like, "Nothing to do with us!" and took off.
Second thing was along the harbour, a taxi had stopped somewhere after a curb turn. A bus came and made the turn, and accidentally ran into the side of the taxi , breaking off the right rear lights. Ouch! Talk about freak accident.
Anyway, we met our drivers at the airport. David is the people driver; Richard is the luggage driver... literally.
By the time we reached the hotel, it was approximately 2 smth in the afternoon. So we decided to go shopping downtown.
Today Purchases:
-Earrings for Steph and Rachie
-Two shirts from JayJay's (I love this store!)
Everytime I step into the Oceania region, I have to visit JayJay's. The store rocks!
Gosh, it's noisy outside. Ok I have an early morning tomorrow so I shall hit the sheets. Holiday fun!


Date: 3rd December 2005
Time: 10.20 pm NZ
Mood: Neutral

Dear diary,
What a long day! Firstly, the wonderful hotel alarm clock woke us up with an annoying beeping. Straight after that, dad sent us a wake-up call through one of the most convenient medium of communication, the telephone. Then, my brother's phone alarm rang. Ugh! Technology refuses to let us catch a few more Z's. All this happened between 7.00 to 7.15 am.
I'm pretty sure some of you out there would have heard of the Teenage Drama series on Channel 5, "One Tree Hill"... Well, today, David actually brought us to where Auckland's tallest tree used to stand by itself. Unfortunately they ended up having to cut down the tree because it died. Literally. The hill is called "One Tree Hill". Anyway, skip the history, currently a monument (a project started by John Campbell, I think) stands on it. It is really high up and you can get great views of Auckland from there.
Second stop was a beach. Not just any beach, the sand on this particular beach was black and shiny/ It was so beautiful. David mentioned something on how this was the result of volcanoes. The sand is so fine, if you were to scoop some in your hand and open it up, the wind will immediately blow ALL OF IT out of your hand; If you were to walk around the area, every step you take would cause sand to be blown about. Imagine dancing on that beach! What an awesome sight that would be. I managed to catch some pictures of a kite surfer, some horseback riders and some motorbike cyclists.
We finally went for breakfast. David chose this great place. It was a cafe/shop/bee factory! They had a display of a honeycomb and a few hundred bees in some storage safe tank. The shop sold products related to honey, they even had wallets branded "Honey: Ocean+Earth"
Third stop was a lookout point. The interesting about the lookout point was the view - A gannet colony, or in other words a flock of birds. Managed to catch some shots of a few interesting things, such as the birds, sufers, fishermen and some parachuters.
Due to the trekking, we had to get to and from the lookout points, which was honestly not tiring, but Vannie began to whine so we went for lunch.
Beautiful. We had a picnic lunch near a vineyard. We actually went into the winery to smell the wines. Underage. After that, I went to take pictures of the pretty flowers blooming around the area. David packed us an awesome picnic lunch.
Something fun happened at that time as well. Some parents had brought their little ones on a picnic. And curious as they were, they kept observing us whenever Chris pushed me or Vannie on the swing. Later, they tried pushing each other and it was obvious that they were struggling. Thus, I offered Chris to help them out. It started with two girls, and they attracted three more kids: Mallory, Charlotte, Alex, Caleb and William.
Sweet kids. I met Alex's mother too. Haha. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture with thhem. I should have coz I know that I'll never see them again.
The first improvised step was at Underwater World/Antartic Encounter. To be honest, it was really boring, except for this 'Snow Cap' educational ride thing.
The second improvised step was at the Sky Tower. Despite going to One Tree Hill, mum insisted on going ot the Sky tower.
The viewing deck is amazing! There are glass panels in the floors so that one may get an eagle's eye view. It was really high; the highest level we could get to was level 60. There was one section of the building where you coulod look through the glass and watch a bungee jumper go down. And boy, did they go down fast.
Had dinner at a Italian restraunt. Well, I guess that's it. I pretty much summarised everything.


Ok, my sis wants to use my dad's laptop, so I can only clear three entries, I'll try clear three more (including today's diary entry) tomorrow. Ciao!!