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Wednesday, December 28, 2005 9:41 PM

Another sleepover.

But much more basic and smaller compared to the birthday sleepover. Taz, cui, stace, pam are the girls who came. Nikki couldn't come, and I didn't manage to contact sue. As for boys, my mum decided to let my brother take the wheel for this decision, and since he didn't feel like entertaining so many people, only dixon and terren came.

Gave them their christmas presents. Lmao. Dixon broke his necklace in the first few minutes, so taz had to fix it. He broke his keychain this morning, but it only needs pliers to repair, so he's going to do it himself.

So the girls and I did quite a lot of chatting and relaxing. We also watched the video of the birthday sleepover for Cui's benefit. Had dinner. Christmas Leftovers. xD Then we ended up trooping downstairs for more chats, pillow fights and a few video games.

We ended up ordering pizza. Lolx. 62353535. After watching my bro play his game, we played the 2005 VMAs that my bro had recorded on a DVD. MC Hammer is totally cool. Haha. P. Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West etc totally rock!

After that, the girls headed upstairs since pammie was starting to doze off. Stace and I were pretty awake so we talked a bit more before we went to sleep.

Pammie actually got up at about 6 in the morning since she had to leave the house by 7 to go for training. The rest of us went downstairs to bother the boys. Stace and Cui tried their best to get dixon to wake up; they continued on even after breakfast. When dixon finally got up, cui and stace fell asleep. LMAO. Pretty weird. So dixon took his revenge by trying to wake them up too.

That's basically it. Before cui and stace left, terren had pilled pillows, cushions and blankets on top of dixon who was lying down on the mattress, and was jumping on him. So I lifted up one of the pillows to see dixon there, then I put it back down, looked at stace and cui, and was like, "You want a jump before you go?" WAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. They took the jump. Cui took advantage of this opportunity to whack dixon more for trying to wake her up earlier.

After that, I went bowling with Godma Anita, Ally and Alex. I am so happy that they have moved back to Singapore. It was really a drag to have to wait for CNY just to see them. Now I can visit them too! Haha. We went bowling at SICC. I played quite a good game. I actually won the second round. xD