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Saturday, December 31, 2005 1:58 PM

Thursday was a pretty long day.

Mum and dad dropped kor and I off at the 7-eleven opposite from the church (plaza peninsula, i think) and we picked up some breakfast before we went to sit in the almost-empty church to eat. We were about 1/2 hour early.

Anyway, the meeting in church was to prepare for the new year's combined sunday school worship. We had to pick the songs, practise and stuff. Quite entertaining. I scared tim and ariana halfway to death by showing them some moves I was thinking of teaching the people who were going to do the play. Waha.

Ended up at Ngee Ann City and had lunch there. Wandered up to kinokuniya, but sadly, no new comics... wahh.

Met stace at Far East at 1 smth. She was pretty early too. We were supposed to meet Caryn at 2! Haha. So I just sat down with her while she had her lunch. Then we wandered around for 15 to 20 min... before we met Caryn at the... 5th level? I don't know.

We just walked around and did lots of talking. Took two sets of neoprints. Haha. Oh, for those who don't know, Caryn was my P4 classmate, then she migrated. Currently, i think she's living in Jakarta, and her parents are considering moving back to Singapore. She actually comes back to Singapore quite a lot, but I never seem to have time to hang out for her, so it was really cool to finally get together with her. =D