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Tuesday, January 03, 2006 7:30 PM

Another first day of school.

This year is slightly different from most years. My usual class gang has been split up, and I'm the only one from the gang in the pure physics and pure chem class. It just feels weird. Oh well, I should at least thank god for letting me be with eight of my sec2 classmates, and some people from other sec2 classes who I know.

You would expect a bit more stuff on the first day of the academic year. Today was just boring. Most of the day was spent in the hall, listening to the teachers go on and on about different aspects of the school, basically for the benefit of the newbies and to remind and inform us older girls. Talk about huge butt-ache. We were sitting on the floor for hours.

The other thing we did was to get to know our form teacher and clear some admin junk. Ms. Chang... To be honest, I never knew she existed till today. From first impression, besides the fact that she really does demand lots of silence, she's pretty ok. So forms and handbook - check. Plus small introduction, rules, and expectations from Ms. Chang, and the day was done.