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Saturday, January 07, 2006 11:10 AM

So update.... update...

Well, first week has past, and it has given me this good feeling that sec3 may just be a really good year. Although I haven't got to know all my classmates yet, my teachers are all (or at least most of them) are really good.

English - Ms Chang
Comment: She's nice, demands quite a bit of silence, but so far, I like her.

Chinese - Mr Lee
Comment: LMAO. I'm actually not sure how to spell his name, but I think he's a really cool and funny teacher. Waha.

E Maths - Ms Chan
Comment: Another one who I didn't know existed till today. I always thought she was one of the young PE teachers, but on the first day, she walked into the classroom wearing a long skirt! Oops. She doesn't look experienced, but I like her teachings, because she goes at quite a decent pace, in full details.

A Maths - Mrs Khor
Comment: Mrs Khor rocks!!!!! Her first lesson we were all laughing; during her second lesson, which is when she started teaching, we were laughing for almost the entire period. I laughed until I cried. She makes A Maths so interesting. People say she's fierce, but I think she's cool.

Physics - Ms Ng
Comment: My sec1 class was taught by her for a few weeks. I think she's nice, and her teaching isn't too bad. She's a little strict too.

Chemistry - Ms Lee
Comment: I was actually scared of her before she started teaching my class, because she is quite fierce, and I'd never seen her smile before. Then class started, and she's actually quite nice. I got to see her smile! Waha. Most of the time she doesn't, but there are few snippets here and there. Overall, she's a really nice person, and a good teacher.

Geography - Mrs Koh
Comment: To think people were afraid of her, Mrs Koh is super nice! Haha. Her classes are really interesting and she does make us laugh.

History - Mr Anthony
Comment: Now, this is a good teacher if I ever saw one. He's really really good. He hasn't really started teaching, but so far he made us do skits to express certain words that we'll come across in the chapters, and he elaborated on the points. He is strict, I'll admit that, but he's also really cool.

PE - Mr Lim
Comment: ROFLMFAO. Awesome, man! Mr Lim is actually cool as a PE teacher, and besides, I don't know most of the other PE teacher. Since my class knows how he works things, PE should be good. Waha.

Yeah. Unless I forgot that I'm studying a certain subject, that's about it. So overall, as you can see, all my teachers this year are really good. Haha. I've been hanging out with RuYing and WaiJean a lot, sometimes with Hannah. Some recesses I get to meet up with VQ; I only have one recess together with JingXi, so I usually try to see her before and after school.

During most classes, I sit next to WaiJean, behind RuYing, diagonally opposite from Hannah. Haha. During history, I sit with VQ, behind XiJin and Carmie. During Geog, I sit with WaiJean, Elizabeth Lee, and Joyce (they're really nice :D) Lolx.