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but those who hope in the LORD
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they will run and not grow weary,
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-Isaiah 40:31

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Monday, January 09, 2006 9:40 PM

Wahh. Second week of school starts and one can already feel all the things in the world suddenly come down on them. Talk about pressure and stuff.

Saturday was such a lazy day. Haha. Was supposed to go Lync; mark even came over to get a ride with us to the prayer hall, but my brother and I were too freakin' lazy and feeling damn lethargic to bother, so we ended up sitting in front of the basement room TV playing pokemon. Stupid cipher idiots.

Mum's in Bangkok, so dad gets to run the house, and he ran it really well - On saturdays, usually we eat out to give Aida a break from cooking dinner, and dad kept to the 'ritual' and did what mum would have never done in... well, not exactly a thousand, maybe a few months.... we ordered pizza hut and McDonald's takeaway. Lots of carbo, fats, oil and grease. Ok i'm kidding. =P

Sunday morning was really entertaining. Teacher chit forgot that she was playing for me. I don't blame her. It was a last minute request because I was unable to contact the girl who was actually supposed to play for me. So we did acapella. WAHAHAHAHHAHA. It's funny to lead with acapella, especially when you don't have a microphone. Sad. But it was fun.

Easter play rehearsal - The people there rawk. Luckily, I only have to choreograph two dance segments, and during both of them, there will not be any singing. Phew. That gives me a few months. Whoop-dee-do-dah-deh. Oh the script is so mushy. I think it's pretty meaningful in some ways. The choice of actors. Waha. Just perfect - Kor asked Matthew about why he chose Tim to be Jesus, and Matt simply said that the idea had been in his head long before casting began. Took about holiness man!!

CCA fair is coming up, so despite the hassle and stuff from the revamp, we still got to get publicity going. I thought our idea was pretty neat, not the most creative, but definitely still gets attention and is a little outstanding and stuff. Haha. I was like hugging the rolls of vanguard (how the heck do u spell it) sheets and posters we had made tightly to my chest, cause it was drizzling and I was scared to get the stuff wet as once paper gets wet and the ink smudges, that's it. Haha.

I get another day off tomorrow - which also means another sleep-in morning. Haha. I always set my alarm like... 15 mins earlier, so that I am already sort of awake and won't have trouble getting out of the bed. Sue me. No homework. woohoo. AH. Gotta get cui's present. Her birthday is like... day after tomorrow. HAHAHAHHAHHA. =D