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Saturday, January 28, 2006 2:21 AM

Happy eve of the eve of CNY! LMAO.

Celebration today was pretty ok lah, nothing special except for the martial-arts-dance-thingy. The performing arts did their thing, did good.

Ah. Hpps. Such wonderful memories I have there. Haha. Headed back with Waijean. Saw nat (stupid jerk is taller than me), neil (lmao, he refused to get up coz he didn't want to find out whether he was still shorter than me, he has grown though), kenneth, galen and matthew (WAHAHA) - Those are the guys I saw but didn't get a chance to talk to.

So yeah, the whole time was just hanging out with the gang. Firstly, met up with stace and chris foo in the staff room, and we wondered around looking for teachers to say hi to but we couldn't find any. Then we went to the HOD room level to look for Mr Lee, but couldn't find him, and bumped into the 6A people there.

Then um... stace wanted to go play in the gym so we went but we couldn't find Mr teo, and stace was afriad of the china teacher who trained the gymna...gym... gymnis... gyn... aiya. the gym people, and since technically she was our ticket in, we headed down to the canteen instead.

Met up with darren, pam, sue, jarad, dixon and weihong. Haha. Weihong got a haircut. Looks freakin funny. Dixon has grown taller! Darn monkey. He's going to tower weihong one day, man (lmao).

So yeah, we didn't know what to do then, and since pam and stace wanted to go the gym so much, we decided to try, and the whole lot of us trooped off to the gym. We just stuck to the trampolines. Haha. The teacher there was nice enough to let us hang about despite our horrible noise. Bounce. Bounce. Sho fun. Hee. Anyway, we kept taking turns to jump on the trampoline and jumping into the pit and stuff. Stace and Pam kept on having to warn us about keeping quiet or we would've been kicked out by the chinese teacher. Lmao. I did my part! I kept on asking the boys to shut up, especially weihong - bigmouth. Haha. Cui brought her NanHua friends, nice girls. Haha. They jumped on the trampoline wit us =P

Yeah, so after causing a racket, we were all like super tired and went down to get a drink in the canteen. Some of them hadn't eaten lunch, so bought food and stuff. Then the guys went to play basketball. Pam joined them after a while (they were playing against Mr. Lim, pam went in to help him. haha) So sat and talked with the others there. I finally climbed on top of the monkey bars! Haha. I know it sounds stupid but i'm semi-afraid of heights, so it's like I actually never dared to try in fear of falling, but today cui forced to get up onto the monkey bar and I tried. Hee.

Talked with chris, talked with darren, talked with cui, talked with stace, talked with weihong, talking with dixon, talked with pam, didn't really get a chat with jarad... haha. Was interesting lah. Arnold came after that, brought a girl. Lmao. First thing we said was probably "Girlfriend ah?", turns out it was his classmate lah, nothing to do so followed him down. Lolx. Feel so bad, we were like talking about her (yes, we did speak of other things as well) when we were sitting pretty close to her. :P

Stace and Chris left first. Darren went missing after arnold came by. Lolx. Went tp 7-eleven to buy drinks. Weird dixon, he spent all his money in the school canteen, ended up treating him to a BigGulp. You owe me, twin bro!

Sat in Julieta a while: Cui wanted to enjoy the air-con. Heh heh. Went back after a while.

So yeah, the day was quite fun. Taz came over to learn some choreography for the easter play. Sho cool. :P