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Monday, January 30, 2006 1:40 AM

Whee! First day of CNY.

First stop - Paternal grandparents for a 'breakfast'. I actually managed to survive the morning with just a few pineapple tarts, and then i stuffed myself at grandma's place... i feel sho fat now. Haha. Loads of relatives! Uncle Stephen, Aunt Julie, Godpa Peter, Uncle Joe, Uncle Paul, Aunt Lee Khoon... etc.... Lolx.

Second stop - Maternal grandparets' house. We were the first ones... and we were on time! Waha. Had lunch there, but didn't eat as much, cause was still full from 'breakfast'. Haiz. Annual ritual of receiving hongbaos from grandpa and grandma - We all line up in order of age, eldest to youngest, and kneel down and wish our grandparents happy chinese new year and receive hongbaos! Hee.

A few hours of homework, charlie and the chocolate factory, listening to music, and practising dance steps before we left for aunt mei's place for dinner.

I usually don't hang with my two cousins, Shawn and Keith, but today everything was cool. We met another cousin, our third cousin, named Kevin. JC2, ACJC, glasses, tall, quirky looking - that kinda guy. He's damn fun lah. Haha. We played gamecube the whole while. Started with kor, shawn, keith and kevin. Then after a while, we invited this other guy, he was part of the family who were aunt mei's next-door neighbours (she invited them for dinner), named Elton to play with us. His sisters, one of them 16-year-old rachel (nice girl), came in to watch us. MarioKart was damn fun. Almost every time, Keith or kor won. On rare occasions, kevin won. Shawn kept on getting second or third. Lolx. I think he may have won once or twice though. SuperSmashBros Melee was the fun one. Vanessa, Elton, Keith and I were playing. Killed off Vanessa. Killed off Elton, then it was just keith and I. Freakin scary kay? Keith had like one more life than I did and I had a higher percentage of damage. I managed to kill him twice, and he killed me once. Then we were down to our last life each, and I had much more damage than he did. I was like, trying my best to escape and run away and avoid getting hit (He was using samus! That character has long-range attacks!!) Finally I did three smashes and whacked him off. Evil Keith. Scary.

So yeah. Well for now, I seem to get along better with Keith than Shawn - I'm guessing it's the age difference. They are much older than me, and when we were young, we were still into the boys-on-one-side-girls-on-the-other phase, and even as we grew older, I still didn't try to get to know them. For now, they both are cool, and they are family. I'm privellaged and blessed by God to have them as cousins.