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Monday, February 06, 2006 9:02 PM

Yesterday was our first Easter Play dance session. Nuts. xD

Obviously I had to start them with warm-ups. They didn't do so bad, except when I got them to do abdominals, they could not survive. But that doesn't mean that I'm not doing abdominals next session. Haha.

They learned faster than I expected, we managed to cover about 40+ seconds out of 3 1/2 mins. I'm glad that they can catch up. Haha. We took about a whole hour in finish learning, including warm-up.

The funny part was when I had to teach Sherman, Timothy Huang, Daphne and Elena their part. Haiz. Joke. Timothy Huang almost murdered Elena (they had to do a semi-break dance move and then curl up so that the girls could leap frog over them) when he misunderstood what I said once.

I said, "Do your thing," He thought that Daphne and Elena weren't supposed to do anything. So he got up just when Elena was going to leapfrog over him. I was also doing the same dance as the guys, so I had to crouch and couldn't see what happened. But all I know is that, when I got up, Matthew was shouting, "Timothy, You almost murdered everyone there!"

Diao. This is really going to be fun.