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Thursday, February 16, 2006 12:00 AM

Meep. I have been super busy over the past few days. So many tests... that's what you get for being Secondary 3 in Singapore. I'm just going to blog about the past few days:

Another wonderful sunday. I'm not really sure why, but ever since the 3rd week of school started, I have been in love with my sundays. The sad thing is the fact that I'm booted from sunday school due to graduation. But anyway, since I had tests to study for, mum let me skip church.

Here's the ironic thing: I had planned to meet taz and timothy ong just to have a short practice on some steps they were unable to learn from the previous rehearsal but HAVE to know. So yeah. It was quite fun. By the time we were done, it was about near to 9. So I turned them into my examples! LMAO. The dance routine has a part where for the first four beats, only the girls do, and the last four beats, only the boys do. And they actually got it right! Yay. But, haha, I didn't get much studying done.

Went out for lunch with my two bros, taz, jess and Caine. Jess' belated birthday lunch. Poor girl could not celebrate on her actual birthday because she had stuff to do.

2nd dance rehearsal was quite fun. Matthew let me have the first two hours or so. Thank goodness. Then, no one can blame me for keeping them back so long. =P It was fun. Had to teach them how to run around.. or in other words "travel the stage" which was quite amusing.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Nothing special to me. I did get some gifts though, from friends, not guys. Lolx. It is hard to get attached when you're in an all-girls school, ya know. Anyway, i'm definitely to start trying to.

Today was Total Defence Day. Pretty boring if you ask me. We had to do a jingle, which at first when we had the lyrics and thought of movements, seemed pretty ok. But it came out pretty "bleaghz" on stage, but at least we tried.

Would you believe I have signed up for cheerleading? Lmao. Well, I can dance, and since cheerleading is more hiphop than ballet and traditional, it seemed like fun. Besides, I might earn something from this.