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Monday, February 27, 2006 9:20 AM

Some of them really looked like they were going to die when it came to the slide move.

And suddenly, I feel stressed again. Who knew teaching this dance was going to be so difficult and uneasy? I thank God that the 15 of them are at least fast learners.

Maybe I did make the dance too hard. Sadly, i felt it wasn't too hard; but then since, even though I'm not professionally trained, I took classes for almost two years now - There really isn't much comparison to do is there?

I overshot into acting time yesterday. And dear director seemed super sian/stressed after that. I feel bad. I didn't realise I had taken so much time. I let them watch a video (yes, they saw my jin-zhang side at some point there), thus I lost time, and had planned what I wanted them to finish learning by yesterday. Haiz.

Gag me lah. I feel like a bitch now when I teach.

I juz hope they perform well on stage, and enjoy the performing the dance. I'm not expecting them to do the moves perfectly, and to do all correctly. I juz hope they have fun.