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Tuesday, February 28, 2006 11:25 PM

Went out with RuYing and WaiJean today - We really needed a break after almost two months of study and tests.

Since Waijean had some humanities programme after school, RuYing and I headed to Serene Centre's MacDonald's for lunch. We bumped into JingXi and Pamela Loh (3/6) so we had lunch together with them.

Later on, while I was telling a dumb-blonde joke to JingXi, my brother surprised me. Lolx. He literally stuck his head right in my view and I was like "AHH!". LMAO. Jingxi was even worse, she felt weird that a guy could stick his head so close to her so suddenly without her noticing her.

And after that, JingXi spotted a group of NJC students - Sharon and Pammie!! AHH. Lolx. I was like, so psyched to see them. I actually did expect to see them there. Haha. RuYing was juz stunned.

Then went to change to street clothes, and went to meet WaiJean at the bus stop opposite school. Started by going to Ngee Ann City - WaiJean wanted to look for a particular VCD, RuYing was tagging, I wanted to go drool over the manga. Haha.

Then went to Paragon, again WaiJean wanted to buy some CDs. Hee. Disney Magic Album 1! Then we trooped to heeren and took two rounds of neoprints. Sparkly. Sweet. xD

After that, we decided to troop back to Paragon cause RuYing wanted to buy a milkshake from coffee bean. Haha. Along the way, was talking to the two of them, and then this hand suddenly stretched right in front of my face. Elena and Daphne!! LMAO. The two had came from Ngee Ann City. Elena was on the phone and she was like, "hold on," and she shoved it at my ear. I was like, "What?"? and she was like, "Sherman, just talk" So I said, "Hello?" and I could hear Sherman going "Hi," on the other end.
Me: Sherman arh?
Sherman: Yeah
Me: Oh, ok, hi, i'm valerie... anne.
*Looks at Elena*
Me: Um, now what?

So awkward! Then Elena takes back the phone and says, "Valerie Anne, you know, the dancer" Whee. I have a new pet name. Daphne was like, "Yeah, the dancer.

Such an interesting day.

*It's a small world after all...*