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Sunday, March 19, 2006 1:58 AM

So friday 17th 2006, had lunch with Sharon. Haha. A little catch-up between the us two. We were really close back in st. margs' and it was really cool to finally be able to see her and chat with her again.

So went to orchard at like 10.45 or so. So early lah. Haiz. I'm super paranoid lor. Had to walk down to borders. Found out Sharon was going to be 15 min late. Diao. But i spent my time walking around borders, checking out the vcds, dvds, magazines and music section. Fort Minor, Eminem, Hilary Duff, Jump 5, etc. - Awesome man!!

After meeting up with sharon, we headed to the sakae sushi to have lunch. They were only opening at 11.30, and we were standing outside the place at lke 11.25! Haha. We were the first customers, the people there were nice enough to let us in.

Had Ramen, sushi etc. the works. Yummy. Gossiped and talked and chatted and rambled the entire lunch away. Even after we finished eating, we just sat there talking and taking up valuable customer space :P

Then we went walking around to Wisma Atria just to do window shopping - Who had the money to buy stuff anyway? We spent so much on food. We walked past a "Famous Amos" store, couldn't resist, and bought 100gm of no-nut-chocolate-chip. Heh heh.

Then we were in ngee ann city. We did the stupidest thing ever. We walked into high class brands like "Dior", "Louis Vutton" and "Chanel"!! The shop people must've thought we were insane. Haha. Two tennagers, so not high class looking, strolling into a ULTRA-EXPENSIVE store. None of the shop people came up to us - duh, they'd expect not to be able to pay for anything. Haha

At one point, we actually took the sunglasses off the display rack at "Louis Vutton"... haha, i bet the shop people went to sterilise the sunglasses after that, cause we actually tried them on.

It was fun. After that we went to buy drinks from Mac's before we headed home. Fun fun day. Oh, there is a funny thing that happened when we were going home, but i shall not say, for it is an embarassing moment of sharon's ;)


Of course, Saturday 18th 2006: HuiTing's surprise party!!

After auntie florence, went to church. I usually go straight now, just to hang out or do work, etc. Bumped into Daphne on our way in.

Then tessa and Daphne had to go for confirmation. So i hung out with Valerie Cheng at the prayer hall. That girl is talented, man! She plays keyboard quite well and her singing voice is also really nice. Haha. She taught me how to use the attendance palm-pilot-machine-thingy so fun.

About 2pm, Tim Ong, Elena and I went down to CityLink to buy HuiTing's surprise birthday present. We had like $110 (11 people chip-in xD) haha. Our presents were cool - We bought her this awesome pink T-shirt and a pair of high-heel green slippers (so style) from this shop that was ____ urban male. I can't remmeber the first word... Haha. Anyway, the T-shirt read "My T-shirt looks best" and underneath in smaller font "On your Bedroom floor"

ROFLMFAO. So cute lah. Haha. Then Tim Ong and I also bought her this pink monkey doll with long legs and arms (Elena went back for worship duty), wrapping paper and stuff. We wrapped it at South Transept, missed like, MOST of worship. Haha.

Cell Group was so fun today lor. Daphne, WeiJun, Vanessa Cheng, Jacelyn, Sylvia and me -The six of us went for a prayer walk cause the other five had already cleared the lesson that was supposed to be taught today in the last cell session. We prayed for the church, the easter play, the lync-united soccer team, the west house, lync itself, and well, the fish at the pond (That was only cause we were sitting at the pond when we were praying for that... and daphne was being extra. lolx xD)

Then after lync, the whole group of us hung out at the big arena place outside the prayer halls. The girls kept on playing games. The guys and I were like "Uh ok..." lolx.

HuiTing didn't suspect a thing. We had passed our presents to Denise, and at first she placed it under the welcome desk in full view. Haha.

Then someone said, "Let's go home lah," then we all 'left'. Haha. Tim Ong, Kane, Tessa, Jessie and I followed JL to the bus stop; Tim Huang, Sherman, Elena, Linette, Jacelyn, and Daphne went another direction. We all met up at a traffic light, then walked to the bus stop together. The Lync people are damn hilarious lah. We were all talking loudly and making noises on the bus like nobody's business. Haha.

It was a long ride to JL's place, but that was cause it was in the east coast. Haha. Finally got to his place. His house rawkz man! It's so darn clean and huge and stuff. JL, Huiting, and Jing Xuan's parents' room looks worthy enough to be a hotel suite lor!! All of us were like drooling over the house, jumping up and down, squeeling and stuff (yes some of the guys squeel)

Sherman is ticklish. Haha. So funny when we found out. The guys started attacking him, he actually SCREAMED. It was so funny. He started singing "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys, and he can ALMOST hit the high notes! It's scary. When he sang, his voice was high-pitched. We showed denise, even she couldn't believe it.

Then was surprise time. Haha. It was so cool. Like, HuiTing's boyfriend was supposed to drag her out of the house and take her for a drive. Then we were going to hide in her house. So this is how everything worked in the end: HuiTing came home, her mum opened the door, JL and JingXuan came out with the cake and sang "Happy birthday", then HuiTing's friends' joined in, then us Lync people.

21st birthday!!! Can you believe it? So Cool. Haha. She was so shocked. Even more shocked when the lights came on, and she saw how many people were actually there. Haha.

Then we all had dinner, lync people sit together. We actually sang a few songs for HuiTing. wahahahaha. So funny. Had some group photos. That was fun. Our informal shot was all of us attacking HuiTing. Haha.

The rest of the time, we were in JL's room chilling, singing songs, playing games, hanging out. Today was so fun, man.