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Sunday, March 26, 2006 3:04 AM

I have officially met one of the coolest 12-year-olds ever.

Haha. Mum and Dad's office friend, Uncle Mark Hudspeth, invited our family to dinner at their house with their family. My elder brother didn't go because he wanted to go for my mum's friend's daughter's bbq, i think.

So when we got there, I totally did not know what to expect. Mum had already told me that Uncle Mark's two boys were 9 and 12. Usually, I don't really communicate with "their kind", but I had decided to make an effort tonight. Haha.

Greeted Uncle Mark and Aunt Celina... I actually thought she was an american as well, turned out she was Singaporean Chinese! So their sons were mix-blood. Met Sean (12) and Matthew (9) Hudspeth. Sean has such a cool hairstyle man! Matthew was just so cute.

At first I was not talking to anyone. My younger brother was starting to get to know the two boys. Then I was like "ah heck" and walked over to them and sat down and joined in the conversations. Those two boys are serious rockers. Sean and Matthew have been learning music for 2 and 1/2 years now; Sean on guitar, Matthew on drums, and they are really good. When we came, before they came down to greet us, they were jamming upstairs in their room, and they sounded good. Haha. They're small though, but yeah, they're younger than me, so expected, I bet once Sean reaches 14 or 15, he'll be taller than me.

So yeah, they started asking us about music and stuff like that. Then we went up to this TV room and watched Green Day, live in England (DVD) Haha. So Cool. Sean and Matthew were so enthusiastic lah. Then we went down to have dinner, and talked about racing and crashing games (esp Need for Speed: Most Wanted) Haha. Aunt Celina made us burgers, yumz. Haha.

So after that we went back to the TV room to finish watching the Green Day concert. Matthew fell asleep during the concert, so when it ended, we just left him - Didn't want to disturb him. Sean then took us to his "room". Apparently, he shares a room with his brother, but recently, he's been sleeping in the guest room where their music equipment are. It was so cool. Sean started jamming on his guitar while the rest of us looked about the room.

Matthew has 12 pairs of drumsticks, and Sean has 20 guitar picks! Whoa. Haha. At 9 and 12 too. Sean began showing me the different styles you can get on an amp when u play the guitar. So cool. I even tried out Matthew's drumset - Tried playing that short bit that was shown in "School Of Rock" when Freddy Jones first touched the drum set. I was so slow lor.

Then after that, we went to his real room where we wanted to play Need for Speed: Most Wanted. So sad, Aunt Celina came up and told us that dad and mum wanted to go home. Sean was like "Aw mum, not now, a few minutes, how about 11:30? please?" So Vanessa went downstairs to beg Mum and Dad for more time.

Sean and Matthew's room is so cool; they're into racing cars, small figurines and of course rock music. There were some minature guitars on the shelves... so cute!! Haha. So Sean started playing, so fun to watch. Need For Speed: Most Wanted rocks.

Then dad said we had to go home. Well, it was really late, but it was so sad, we were having so much fun. Sean was so disappointed. Haha. He's such a cute and cool 12-year-old lah.

I hope Uncle Mark invites us for dinner again, or maybe Dad invites Uncle Mark for dinner. It would be so cool to see Sean and Matthew again.

Prediction -> Sean will grow up to be good-looking. He already has this very shuai-ge look at his age. Haha.