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Sunday, April 02, 2006 10:57 PM

Let's talk about today's rehearsal. That was quite interesting.

So tessa and I were there SUPER early. We walked to Funan IT Mall, craving coffee bean stuff. Got a shock from JL and Jonathan who literally just stood next to us, without us noticing and didn't say a word. Then we both turned and were like "whoa!"

Rehearsal was... ok. Definitely better than last week. Haha. Couldn't dance cause recently recovered from a twisted ankle so just "commanded", as Dinash and Matthew Yen would say, everyone with a microphone and walked about here and there.

Very funny lor. I was standing at a higher level, at this 'balcony' area watching the finale dance. Our two dear musicians, jokers as they are, come and are like "Wah, man, valerie, you can like COMMAND them like an army" or something like that. Haha. It was funny lah. They kept on pinpointing mistakes people made during the dance (helpful lolx >.<) Then Dinash was asking me what school am I from, and then when I said smss, he was like talking about the polka-dots and 'insulting' the school.

Diao -_-'' Leave it to the two wonderful musicians to crack jokes. Haha. Poor guys are bored during rehearsals lor, cause they usually don't do much. Quote from Matthew Yen, "Do nothing for 5 hours straight"

Uh huh...

They had to work without the microphones today. Voice projection was ok, i guess. But i'm not one to judge cause I was walking all over the place. Taking video. Haha.


1:53 AM

My life is so not interesting sometimes.

I fell during PE and twisted my ankle - Oh yeah, that's exciting enough.

Haha. I'm damn clumsy lah. I fell on FLAT GROUND. Not even DOWN A STAIRCASE, and I didn't even TRIP OVER ANYTHING, nor did I fall off two floors. Haiz.

Anyway, it's much better today. Almost healed actually. Praise God for healing me.

Some notes:
-I still owe Cui a movie
-Crescent Girls' Fun fair
-NJC Fun fair
-Easter Play
-Study for mid year

Aw hell, mid year is coming.... I honestly don't feel like studying. Ah well, time t go back to NERD mode. Haha.

-I wanna go out with WISHES, and twin bro dixon and twin sis lor. Their lives seem so much more exciting than mine. >.<