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Friday, April 07, 2006 11:24 PM

3e5 of St. Margaret's 2006 has officially played pranks on THREE teachers. Wahaha. We are nuts.

1) On Wednesday, Ms Lee, our chemistry teacher, showed us some video clips of experiments to do with the reaction of metals with water. If any of you have seen such clips or experiments before, you would know that the metals would catch fire, and have some kind of a "small explosion". After that, we were begging Ms Lee to show us the actual experiment in the laboratory. Ms Lee, at first, said that it was dangerous and she has had experiences where students got hurt by such experiments. We asked her again, and she said something like "You all want to create explosives arh? Become suicide bombers?" and laughed. The next day, one of my classmates made tags that read "3e5 忍" on it, and we all wore it as an arm band to chem lab. When my teacher saw it, she was laughing. Haha. We even gave her a tag! LMAO. She asked "Who's idea was this?" and we were all smiling going 'Don't know'

2) Today, we thought of playing a prank on our A Maths teacher, Mrs Khor. When she came into class, we all started laughing at first. She was suspicious. Then we shut up. Then she greeted us. YiWei then immediately shouted "Keblackan buseng!", which is the malay word for turn around 180-degrees, and so we did. THEN we greeted Mrs Khor, with our backs facing her. When we turned back, she had whacked her head with her hand, and was laughing.

3) Later on today, straight after A Maths was E Maths. So we decided to play a prank on our E Maths teacher as well. We got our A Maths teacher to sit in one of the absent girls' seat. Then we got one of our classmates to wear her school jacket, as my A Maths teacher was wearing black, and asked her to cover the tables with books and pens. Then our A Maths teacher lifted a chinese newspaper to cover her face. When our E Maths teacher came in, she was staring at us suspiciously, cause once again, we were trying very hard to contain our laughter. Then when she greeted us, our A Maths teacher stood up as well. Then when we greeted her and sat down, our E Maths teacher's face was totally red as she had finally saw our A Maths teacher standing there. LMAO. It was so funny. The look on her face was priceless. She totally did not suspect a thing. Wahahaha.