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Tuesday, April 11, 2006 4:17 PM

Today I got what I deserved - A good rest.

If anyone who reads this ever meets my classmate, Alexis Chua, you can actually ask her how dazed I appeared at school yesterday. My throat was killing me, and for some reason, even though I had slept very early the night before, I was pretty much mentally-drained. Of course, being reckless me, I just went to school without a word of complaint whatsoever - I even drank a cup of MILO before I left. (And if you're wondering what I mean by that: Chocolate and sore throat are BIG TIME ENEMIES)

I'd hate to say this, but I have to blame rehearsals for it. The previous rehearsal, which if you think about, was just the day before yesterday, had me shouting quite a bit, especially over the music. Stupid me. I had a microphone.

This week is going to be mentally and physically draining. Let me begin with my agenda for yesterday. I started off with school, which is both fortunately and unfortunately inevitable; After school I had my weekly common test. I seriously do not count it as part of curriculum time simply because I only have to stay back till 3.30 on mondays for it; Then I had to rush home to made sure I would be ready for chinese tuition. Once again, me being the reckless nerd I am chose to do quite a bit of chinese oral practice. That was voice straining session part 2.

The last thing on the agenda was a night dance practice for Easter Play. That was probably the only time of the day I was quite energetic. Along with dance practice, the 'infamous', or so JL says, Matthew Yen had to get the main cast down to block a particular scene.

The main cast were supposed to start at 6; and the dancers would start sharing the lot with them at 7. Typical teenagers we are - We started eating DINNER at 7. The whole bunch of us were treated to pizza by JL. Oh, when I say the whole bunch, here's the list: Matthew Yen, Dinesh, Elena, Daphne, Tim Huang, Tim Ong, Tessa, Jacelyn, Sabrina and me.

The dance practice finally begun at about 7.30. It took 45 minutes for us to get it right. We had our share of fun and laughter then. We took less time than I had expected, and it was quite good considering that even I, as the choreographer, has a hard time trying to catch the beat of the song we're dancing to.

And suddenly my mind blanks out. Well, to cut the story short - I had fun last night. Tessa and I walked to 7-eleven and back after we had finished dance to pick up some drinks. As we were walking back, it suddenly occured to us, oh joy, that it was a MONDAY night, appoximately 8.35 pm, and we were going to have to go to school the next day. Double oh joy. It felt so much like a saturday night. And to think we're going to have one or two more rehearsals like this during the weekdays.

I should get started on my homework.