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Sunday, April 16, 2006 5:26 PM

Last night was awesome! It was such a miracle harvest. People were saved! Christians who strayed came back to Christ. It was so wonderful. The Play itself went very well.

We did have some hiccups in the start of the play though. For one, Tim Huang's (Kai) microphone died during his first scene, and he had to SING the scene. All of us could feel our heart crack when we realised that his microphone was not working. But good ol' daddy Tim managed to project loud enough so it was not a complete loss. Also, I'm not sure what went wrong but the ensemble strangely sounded out of tune for their chorus. Furthermore, there was a really bad feedback and screech as they sung. The whole cast was so freaked out.

Another thing that went wrong was the transitional dance. It was so messy and screwed up. But it was quite decent considering we did not have much time to practice. Haiz. But everything else went EXTREMELY WELL. The music was good. Props were good. Acting and singing was excellent. The finale dance rocked. Haha. People enjoyed themselves.

When the play was over, the whole cast were backstage screaming and hugging each other and just smiling. Then we prayed together and thanked God for everything. Then we were all screaming again. It was wonderful. Haha. So here are some pictures, most taken after the play:


"You have made my house a den of robbers!!" -Timothy Ong (Jesus)
Temple scene.

Tableus scene: Jesus Persecuted

Me, stace, sue and pammie after the play. Check out my eye make-up! xD

The smss girls: Me, vanessa Q, Ru Ying, Tamelyn, and Catherine (!!!! So nice to see her!!)

8ammers!!! -> me, tim ong, tessa, jessie, ariana, kane (sabrina Da-ge extra on top!! xD)

The girls, meh dear twin brother Dixon and me! hee.

Our awesome director, Matthew Crawshaw, kor and I

Solo dancers: Sherman and I xD

The lady behind the powerful eye make-up: My make-up artist Jolene!!

One of the stars of the show: My daddy, Tim Huang (who played Kai) and me, the super extra person who only starred in ONE scene for like a few minutes =P

I tried to take pictures with as many people as I could grab. I lost mummy Daphne, elena, JL etc. So yeah. I actually have a few more pics, but yeah, this is all for now.

Thank you Lord.