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Friday, April 28, 2006 11:52 PM

It's official: For social studies exam, the whole cohort, or at least 3e5, is BIG-TIME SCREWED It was super hard. But at least it's over.

Here's something interesting. Nicolle (my dear friend from Australia) sent me one of those randomn question quiz thing. Check it.

50 of the most random questions ever asked:

1. Can you tap dance:
Nope. Specialty is hiphop/pop only. I'm not versatile at all

2. Do you own a pair of see-thru underwear:
Pervert...but anyway, I can't say I do...

3. What color is the sky today:

4. Do you own a classic brown teddy bear:
Nope. Mine is white and wears a red dress xD Childhood treasure

5. Is your favorite holiday christmas:
Definitely. Celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ, getting together with friends and family, getting to eat specially cooked food and presents!!

6. Is there a candle by you:

7. If you had an iPOD mini, what color would you have:
Surprise. I already have one. And it's a light shiny blue

8. What song are you listening to:
Watching "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants", but if you want, you can count that background song. xD

9. Is it your favorite song:
No. I don't even know what song it is

10. How many myspaces have you had:

11. Have you ever made a myspace survey:

12. Are you wearing any jewlery:
It's about 9.54pm and I'm preparing for bed... does it look like I'd be wearing any jewellery?

13. Where does your grandma live:
One at Jln Ungass, the other at Toa Payoh

14. Are you an angry drunk:
I don't drink...

15. Do you prefer pen or pencil:
Pen, i guess. Pencil is only useful for drawing stuff. But with a pen, you can write, doodle, draw, blotch etc.

16. Are you wearing deoderant:
not right now

17. Ever been in an earthquake:
No, and thank the Lord that Singapore is so safe =D

18. Is your birthday this month:
Far from it

19. Do guys/girls suck:
Some guys do. But most are ok by me. I mean, one of my best friends is a guy. I actually find guys quite amusing. So it's girls for the fun and guys for the amusement. Haha. Everyone rawkz.

20. Are you afraid of the dentist:

21. Do you know exactly what car you want:
Not really.

22. Have you ever bought something from ebay:

23. Ever seen "boy meets world":
Yep, I thought it was hilarious too

24. Own a locket:
Um... nope

25. Do you share a locker:
Don't own one

26. Ever dissected anything:
Physics student, so nope

28. Still play with legos:
Sometimes, when my brother has bought a new one, I like to stick my nose in

29. Do you know when easter is:
Yep, easter rocks

30. Last type of candy you ate:
A grape chew sweet

31. Last time you wrote a note:
Um, haven't written one for a long time come to think of it

32. Ever been on a cruise: Nope

33. Ever gotten pregnant by someone on a cruise:
This is a really stupid question. Of course, NO!

34. Dyed your hair:
Nope. But wouldn't that be interesing?

35. Like your handwriting:
Actually yeah, despite how messy it is compared to the standards people have on females' handwritings

36. Do you eat:
Duh. I love food

37. Are you wearing lotion:
Not right now

38. Last time you talked on the phone:
This evening to my dad to report about how my first day of exams went

39. Do you know Victoria's Secret:
Isn't that a brand for... i think underwear or something right?

40. Are you nice:
I think I am... xD

41. Ever been in love:

42. What were you last halloween:
I dont celebrate halloween; no offence, but it's like celebrating the dead and eerie

43. Ever met a midget:
I think so, does my ex-classmate Matthew count?

44. Ever been to Cuba:
no lol

45. Ever cut yourself shaving:

46. Ever owned an exotic pet:
Haha. No

47. Is it your birthday:

48. Is it someone elses birthday:
Probably a few million people who I don't know from all around the world

49. Had a good day:
Half good, half bad

50. How long did this take you:
Oh, was I supposed to time it... Um, approximately 11 minutes, i think...