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Monday, May 01, 2006 12:46 AM

Today was real interesting.

I actually did not screw up praise and worship for 8am sunday school. Shout out and big thanks to Rachel Huen for rushing in to play for me on such short notice. And the songs this week were:
1) Reign In Me
2) My Redeemer Lives
3) As The Deer
4) Still
5) I Will Run To You

After helping jessie organise the cellgroup and doing some intercession - sometimes i want to scold some of the girls, they think that coming to church is a joke. They just don't get it. They can't even pray properly. I shall pray very hard for them. In time, valerie, in time - praying and all, went off to join the 9am service for the first time.

And it was quite good. I enjoyed it quite a lot. Of course, 8am service also rocks. But you have to forgive me, being a teenager, the "younger" style of service kind of appeals to me more. Shy me though, I didn't stand up when they called on any 'newcomers'

Sat with kor and Zhen Ye. Some of the guys from lync was in the row behind us. Matthew Crawshaw joined us a short while later.

I shall let anyone who reads this entry know that Matthew Crawshaw is a really cool person. Haha. He may look super serious, but he's a very amusing person.

Saw Valerie Cheng after the service. Awz. We two rock man. Same name. Same age. Same school. Same church. Same birth month. Same name of sister. Anyway, after that the whole lot of us trooped to the food court at Funan for breakfast. On the way tehre, the four big guys (JL, kor, chris and jonathan ng) were all walking side by side - Interesting fact 101: they were all wearing BLACK.Bumped into Matthew Yen there. Shocker. Bright yellow. Diao. Ok i'm kidding. Kane was also a bit extra cause he was wearing white. Matthew Crawshaw was wearing dark blue so it wasn't so bad.

Met up with Timothy Ong at the 'frontdoor' of Funan, and we walked to suntec city, picking up jessie from City Hall interchange on the way. Lots of 8ammers chats, bullying timothy ong, and jessie getting irritated, which was super funny.

Sat down at Ben and Jerry's. JL treated. Yay. Then we went back to church. Stood around this small structure-pole-thingy and was trying to decide what to do with ourselves next. Except for jonathan ng, we went bowling at Farrer Park.

Man do I suck at bowling. I was the lowest for both rounds. I'm so pathetic. Haha. It was so difficult to bowl, because the bowling alley shoes, similiar to sherman's wonderful kicks, were more or less frictionless, making utterly difficult to balance while rolling the ball. Timothy actually slipped a few times. It's so weird lah. He actually throws the ball worse than I do, and does this weird 'ballet-kick-leg-in-the-air' pose to balance himself after he throws the ball - and he can get strikes.

I didn't get a single one

Went back to our house, played many rounds of games. With loads of screaming from jessie and me. Haha. Had dinner. Then ended with a screening of the movie "A Walk To Remember" It's so romantic and sweet. You can almost never find a guy that perfect in real life.... well ok, maybe you can, otherwise we would not have married couples in this world.

I won a competition though. I managed to surive the show WITHOUT crying.