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Sunday, May 07, 2006 7:00 PM

As of today, my church family tree has been extended. Such a huge and wonderful and dysfunctional family I have.

Church Family:
JL - Paternal Grandpa
Matthew Crawshaw - 'Step' Grandfather (sherman's father)
Timothy Huang - Daddy
Daphne - Mummy
Sherman - Stepfather
Valerie Cheng - 'Step' Auntie (Sherman's sister)
Jacelyn - DaJie
Sabrina - DaGe
Linette - MeiMei
Jessie - ErMei
Tessa - XiaoMei
Timothy Ong - Family Maid, a.k.a Atimah

6C Family:
Stacey - Twinnie Sis
Dickson - Twin Brother
Arnold - Kor
Pamela - Cousin (i think)
CuiTian - Cousin (i think xD)
WaiJean - Niece (but I disowned her in 2003 i think)

Other Relations:
Sharon - Duchess of Cucumber
Matthew Yen - Jedi Master

12:04 AM

I juz love japanese ballads; somehow they give me this great relaxed feeling when I listen to them... even if I have no idea what the darn singer is singing.

Anyway, two and a half subjects cleared. Half meaning that I've only done paper 2 for elementary mathematics. The teachers arranged the exam timetable depending on how much time they need to spend marking them. I'd call them lazy, but hey, they are the awesome teachers who work so hard to help us students.

Lync was quite ok today. Sadly, in a way, we are depleting. Compared to what we started with at the start of the year, plus the number of people who came to do ushering and were part of the cast/crew for easter play, today we seemed so... what's the word for it........... 'peanut'. Seriously.

We were supposed to have cell-bonding today, which was successful in some ways. The Twister challenge was a bit of a let-down, but we did have a bit of fun. Then they split us up into our individual cell groups to play a card game called "Yada", which I surprisingly won, despite the fact that it was my first time playing and I was actually quite clueless throughout the game.

As mummy calls me, a "silent killer" P.S WeiJun is super lame.

I become a business woman again, with my distribution of "behind the scenes" CDs. I'm nuts. Meow paid me $10, I had to go dig through my special collection pouch to find $9.50 Haha. Uncle Hali has trusted me with distributing the copies of the easter play performance to the cast members as well.