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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 10:12 PM

One more day. One final paper.

Then I'm free till July. Yay.

E Maths Paper 1 was super easy! I finished it in one hour, checked for about 15 to 20 minutes, and stoned for the rest of the time. Lucky Wai Jean thought it was easy too, or I would have been once again given the name "Freak".

For some reason, our class is haunted by a particular invigilator who is rather short-tempered. She's three times worse than one of my teachers, cause she mixes sarcasm with short temper. Haiz. Such an interesting teacher.

I'm thinking at the rate I carry on my days, my eyeballs are going to pop out real soon. Gag elective history. I don't feel like studying anymore. Once the clock strikes 9.30 am tomorrow, it all be over.

And then I get to go obsess over Kingdom Hearts 2 and Advent Children and shopping and resting. Plus Meow sent me this bible teaser thing which I have yet to complete. My bible knowledge is quite bad.

I suddenly have this urge to list out a few interesting things I hope to accomplish during my June break, with the exception of wrecking my brains over homework which most defintely will be given out. Oh Joy.

Small note: I'm heading up to KL to visit my grandaunt and granduncle this weekend. If I'm not wrong, somewhere last year, when my grandparents went to visit, they got robbed and the stupid idiot took most if not, all the valuables and even pushed my grandaunt to the ground. Jerk. They've moved out of their bungalow house and into a flat i think. Though I'd rather have him struck dead by lightning, God teaches us to love our enemies and thus I shall forgive him. At least my granduncle and grandaunt are all right.

So I shall think about a list of things to do and things to try to accomplish over the holidays and maybe post it here.