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Thursday, May 11, 2006 10:23 PM

So what does one do when, after weeks and weeks of intense studying, hardcore focus, panicking, and trying to avoid going into depression because one was not able to play his or her favourite video game, exams are over?

Slack, enjoy and celebrate! Duh.

Thankfully, History elective was not as bad as I expected. Immediately straight after, waijean, alexis, ruying and I were celebrating and cheering. Har har to Meow and my jedi master Matthew- I get six days off after this xD.

So waijean, ruying and I headed straight to my place for some game fun. While they were busy checking out each other's nintendogs, I got to have some fun in the Kingdom Hearts 2 Worlds. Hee. After that, had a 15-round game of Mario Party 5. And of course, being the crazy person I am, kept on screaming every now and then. RuYing won.

Then we headed to McDonald's for lunch, and bumped into Rachel Koh (I shan't use her nickname, if she finds out, I'm so dead xD) and the ever-hyper Jean Wong. I don't know her personally but she's a schoolmate so yeah. McChicken. I was literally debating whether to pick chicken or fish.

And when I went home, I got to play a bit more of Kingdom hearts 2 before my brother chased me out of the room.

Tomorrow I'm off to KL, so try to avoid sms-ing or calling me. You can email and tag my blog but I will not be online till sunday.

So from now till the start of the next term, unlike my dear twin sister who is going to do have a worthwhile experience doing her school work experience programme at a hospital probably, I'll probably be rotting my holiday off. I'm still doing up my list of things to do xD