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Tuesday, May 16, 2006 9:01 PM

Day two with one of my best friends, also from WISHES, Nicolle.

We literally had to aim for today. We just wanted to hang out together, chill and talk. We started at HMV, and since I was about 10 minutes early, and nicolle was 10 minutes late (we were supposed to meet at 11am), it gave me the chance to check out the new albums and movies. Interesting.

They're selling "A New World" at such a bargain price, I have to remember to go back and buy it!

Then, we headed to Cineleisure. I just love Orchard Road on days where only a few schools get the day off, or just a half day. The place is so empty, it gives you permit to hog things like the neoprint machine or a game at the arcade. Nicolle and I went up to the arcade and I got to revive my horrible "skill" at para para. I failed at the "Busy Busy" song again!! Gag me.

Then we did a round of time crisis, but only made it pass the first stage. Sad. And ended our wonderful gaming time with air hockey. I got trashed man. I think it was 5-2 or something.

Then, as the neoprint was not open, we went to eat our lunch at Pasta Mania. I feel like such a pig; I ordered and ate up one lasagne, and still managed to steal cheese, ham and mushroom from nicolle. Piggy.

Lastly, we had a fun round of neoprints, with really cool poses. I shall remember this day as the day I finally wore my red skeechers out. It matched my outfit today. Oh shoot, i sound super bimbotic. Gasp.

Then Nicolle came over where we watched the recording of my church's easter play, "A garden called Gethsemane" and had our own rounds of movies. She watched on the laptop, I watched on the dvd player.

Day two has ended.