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Thursday, May 18, 2006 11:29 PM

Got back some results. Whoopee.

Chemistry: 79.6/100
E Maths: 92/100
English: 63/100
Chinese: 61/100
Social studies: 32/50

3e5 had to do CIP today, which, i have to admit, was rather awkward. The old folks totally did not need us there, they were quite healthy and could travel on their own. Anyway, I accompanied a really shy 71-year-old man. I must have scared him a bit when I kept on trying to make conversation. Haiz. But he was a nice old folk.

We took them to the budget terminal, which is REALLY SMALL. I thought there'd be shops there, but it's quite a lot of empty space. Weird.

Then we took them to the hawker area at East Coast Park to eat. Most of the old folk wanted noodle soup. Some adventurous ones wanted Satay. Some of us 3e5 girls bought stuff and ate at the hawker centre. I didn't.

That's more or less it.